NCMI – From Australia to the USA | The Easter debacle

It was a while back that I learned about this development, but due to personal reasons and a lack of time I failed to publish it here.

NCMI’s leader Tyrone Daniels has moved from his Australian base to Colorado, USA where he has established a new church that from accounts, he advertises it as a Episcopalian church.

The church goes under the name of ‘Redemption City Church’ and they are located at Madcap Comedy Theater in Westminster Colorado.

There were immediately reports as to really strange events happening around the establishment of this church. I decided to contact Tyrone directly but was stopped by one of his elders named Russ Doty. I discussed some issues with him, he was evasive to say the least. I then got my wife to call, and she received the same evasiveness. I asked Russ to get Tyrone to contact me, and he never did. My wife also contacted the youth pastor and asked him to get Tyrone to contact her and he never did. I sent an email to Tyrone yesterday requesting that he contact me. Today I received an email from him telling me that he is not interested in talking to me. I have replied pointing out my allegations, and giving him one more opportunity to respond. He is as yet to respond

The Easter debacle

As Christians the key pivotal moment in our destinies happened around 2000 years ago when a Nazarene named Jesus died a horrible death at the hands of gentiles in Jerusalem. 3 days later this lowly Carpenter was resurrected from death and later ascended to the Father where he now reigns. To some this is a fairy tale, to others this is fact and is the key to our salvation.

It is not an event that is to be taken lightly just as the sacrifices in the Temple was something that was not to be taken lightly. I’m sure we all know that during the life of Christ there is one recorded incident of rage, that was when a mockery was made of the Temple. Commercial activities were taking place, and in Christs own work, the Temple was made a den of thieves.

It came to my attention that on Easter Sunday, Tyrone’s new church planned on giving away the following prizes if you came to worship that day.

  • An Apple IPad
  • A trip to Hawaii
  • A Harley Davidson Motorbike
  • A Snowboard
  • A Mountain Bike

None of the advertising mentioned Jesus or the importance of Easter etc…

How did you react to that. Did you fall off your chair laughing or did you, like me feel sick at this commercialisation of what is Holy? Can everyone image what people had on their minds Easter morning as they got ready for church? Was it the sacrifice that Christ made or the possibility that they could win a great prize?

My wife contacted local NCMI churches in South Africa and informed them about what this church was doing. She did not mention that the name of the church or that it was headed by Tyrone Daniels. She also did not mention that it related to NCMI. The various pastor’s were shocked and appalled at how they had lost the meaning of the holiest celebration we have, they went as far as to say that they would not attend that church….. until she eventually told them that it was Tyrone’s church. They immediately did an about-turn and said what he was doing was not wrong.

When informing an elders wife about this give away, she broke done almost in tears saying that its not true. Her husband demanded that we not speak about it over the phone but that we should go to the church and chat to them but now when we call the church they wont allow us to talk to the elders.

The proof of this is here for anyone that is interested:

There is more to follow of what we and many other people feel to be strange happening that yet have to be explained, but it involves finances and as such I need to give Tyrone the opportunity to respond.


What is Heresy

What does the bible say heresy is? Is it right to call anyone that is anti a certain doctrine a Heresy Hunter, and shrug off what ever points they raise?

Defending the Christian faith is known as Apologetics, and it is often misunderstood by the Christian church. Apologists against Charismatic and Pentecostal doctrines I believe have got the hardest job out of any other. I say this because you are not fighting what would be considered un-orthodox, but rather heterodox, or fringe beliefs. You are fighting against fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and this is often taken as divisive. It is also common for one of these Apologists to be told that they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is the one unforgivable sin.

I think “Let us Reason” website puts it well when they say:

“The apologetic wing of the Church can be looked upon as a mechanic who listens to the sound of a car, looks into the engine and then diagnoses the problem. If we went to a car mechanic who was able to accurately diagnose what is wrong, or could go wrong in the future, we would all be appreciative. But regarding apologists, most do not want to hear what is said because it might move them out of their comfort zone, or it’s simply what they don’t want to hear — that someone’s favourite teacher could be wrong and misleading them.”

What is Heresy?
Heresy is when someone, or some organisation starts teaching doctrines or ideas that are not presented in the Bible taken as a whole and in context. It is the departure from the orthodox, the inclusions of traditions, or experiences that don’t line up to biblical canon.
It can also apply to an instance where a truth that is taken out of Scripture, is elevated to such a degree that it no longer represents what was taught in the Bible.

The reformation fathers fought against heresy, and changed the course of Christianity. If they did not have Apologetic ideals we would still be under Roman Catholic doctrine, and indeed not even have the scriptures for ourselves as common men.

People often tell Apologists that the truth will always win, and that God does not need mere men and woman to defend His word. This is not correct, because if this was the case then there would have never been a need for the Reformation. There are also many cults out there that are spreading their wings becoming major players in the religious field and if they go unstopped, what will the Christian world look like in 100 years? But unfortunately, especially when it comes to Charismatic and Pentecostal preachers, they do not want to hear what you have to say, and cruelly label you a “heresy hunter”

Why is it important to fight the Pentecostal onslaught and for what reasons do I believe it to be heterodox? This is what I will present on this blog. I will not be looking at the entire Charismatic movement, but rather at one movement that falls under the New Apostolic Reformation banner. This movement is called NCMI or New Covenant Ministries International.

I focus on NCMI because I believe that there is not enough warning people that this specific movement has fallen into error.

I encourage people to visit this site and post comments on articles, and if you can give me a clear biblical reason why one of my articles are incorrect or does not reflect NCMI in the proper light I will then remove or edit it. I am not closed minded, but if you believe that I am wrong, then prove it by Scripture, because a Christians true measure is by Scripture.