A Response to Pieter Lombard of New Covenant Fellowship (NCF)

Writing a blog like this is never easy. It draws a line between you, and those you used to consider friends. I lay my thoughts, opinions and self before everyone here to read. It is placing yourself in a vulnerable position to write the things that I do. One thing that I always do is be honest, and I expect the same from my opponents. The bible is clear on dis-honesty:

Luke 16:10 – “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much“.

Recently comments were made on this blog that shocked me. Not because of the content, I welcome an opposing view and I responded in turn, what shocked me was a level of dis-honesty that should never be associated with someone claiming to be a Christian. Once the veil of dis-honesty is removed, we are left with a bleak picture of what NCF is all about.

I am not a pastor, or a missionary. I am a man, with no special office besides that of being a born again Christian. I believe that as a born again Christian we are all Priests, in direct commune with God through Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2: 9, Hebrews 7:17). I am what I am, imperfect and here before you.

Pieter Lombard’s Deception

A commenter by the name of “I Love Jesus” made two comments on the 12th August. The comments pushed the Authority of eldership, and that it is unbiblical to rebuke, or expose such elders.

I responded to this poster and showed him that the view he was promoting was one sided because indeed the Bible calls us to rebuke and expose (Titus 1:13, Titus 1:9, Ephesians 5:11, 1 Timothy 5:20). You can view the posts here that were posted by “I Love Jesus”:

My response can be viewed here:

At this point, a new poster entered the discussion by the name of “jesusgate”, accusing me of being an angry person. It is very clear by the way that jesusgate wrote that he presented himself as a different person than I Love Jesus.  The response I made can be seen here:

After the poster commented on me being an angry man, he started spewing off other insults such as:

For a cessationist you certainly are quick to claim God spoke to you which i find a bit contradictory.

Come, i dare you to claim the status Ezekiel…..

Hay Forced to Hide, even a bitter, fire spewing cessationist is expected to embrace God’s delegated authority.

Forced to Hide, you are deleting my post’s as well as some of your own. You are good at re-writing history my friend. Crafting your website to suit your own needs is off the chart unchristian.

I noticed something strange, although jesusgate presented himself not to be I Love Jesus, the IP address of the poster was the same. It was at this stage that I decided to investigate the poster some more.

Below is a snippet from I love Jesus, and I have blurred out the IP address for security reasons. Needless to say, the IP address lead back to Pietermaritzburg, which happens to be the town that I live in.

Click to enlarge

I then decided to take the posters email address and see who he was on Facebook, the result of the search brought up this individual:

We went through the wall posts and found this.

Remember, this is the email address related to I Love Jesus!

The other poster has the following email

Click to enlarge

A simple search on facebook brought up this profile:

Reading this profile wall we thought that they were the one and same persons….. then,  we found this on the wall Heavens gate which as a recap is the email address related to jesusgate

I called the NCF church office and confirmed that Pieter Lombard had worked on the Production of Heaven’s Gates and Hells Flames in the Imbali site. The above wall post confirms that the poster had worked on the production. I also confirmed with the NCF office that the Cell Phone number listed on  wall post above from the jesusgate was the same as Pieter’s Cell Phone number.

The lies keep coming

Pieter goes further spinning a web of lies that he cannot dig himself out of

In this post Pieter states the following:

I have belonged to an NCMI relating church for many years and i am shocked by the bitter words i have read in this website. I left a “traditional” church who excommunicated my father for asking them to use grape juice in stead of real wine for communion because there were many alcoholics in the church. I have found great freedom and an ever deepening love relationship with Jesus under the guidance of the people you so demonise.

Ok, thanks for that insight Piet, so you have been a member of a NCMI relating church for many years. Lets look at another quote located here

I would not mind being an active member of the church you have your vendetta with. At the moment i am in a baptist church. What church are you in young fellow?

I follow Jesus my friend, you are the one confused about which church you attend. Why lie, what are you trying to prove. Your continued lies are simply disgusting.

I desire to be an elder one day, which is a noble desire. When you get to lead people you gain insight in to scripture that would have been just words to someone who has always followed, such as yourself.

You are already an elder! One more twisted lie – Again I ask, What are you trying to prove?

…..Besides this i hear they gave quite a sum of money to the central baptist church when it fell on hard times. Besides this i hear the lead pastor’s father in law is a pastor in a traditional church.

You still making yourself out to be unrelated to NCF! You did not hear, you apparently know (Those claims are still to be confirmed)!

Who is Piet?

Pieter Lombard is an Elder at NCF church, Pietermaritzburg. This can be confirmed here:
Look for Piet and Penny Lombard.

He has served on the Eldership team for the last year.

What does this mean?

The comments the person was making was perhaps understandable from someone who did not lead people spiritually. It could be simply put down to ignorance, but with the revelation that Pieter is in fact an elder, we have to look at what he said in that light, and understand what this Elder is saying about the Authority of the church offices.

I honestly get the impression that, while prayer is the correct biblical response (letting God do what He does) some people at your church have taken matters in their own hands. Clearly going to court is not biblical and clearly setting yourselves up against leadership is not biblical.

How is it not biblical to rebuke, and expose leaders who are teaching a Gospel, or doctrine that is contrary to that which the Lord Jesus gave us? See : Titus 1:13, Titus 1:9, Ephesians 5:11, 1 Timothy 5:20 

I desire to be an elder one day, which is a noble desire. When you get to lead people you gain insight in to scripture that would have been just words to someone who has always followed, such as yourself. I know what it takes to lead and love a small group for years and I have amazing respect for those who lead hundreds and thousands. By your own admission you have never lead people so I don’t expect you to understand a word I am saying.

I don’t really need to say more here. Pieter is saying that when you become an Elder (or leader) you gain insight into the bible that you could not have had before. He tries to discredit me, telling me that I won’t understand what he is saying because I have never lead. Is this the doctrine of NCF? Does NCF promote a Spiritual hierarchy as I have always claimed. This serves as evidence of that.

The way Forward

Besides penning this post, I will be emailing and tweeting all NCF elders that contact details can be obtained. I will also be posting the link on the NCF facebook page. This serves as a open letter of disapproval with regards to the dishonest actions that Pieter Lombard has committed on this site. How is a church (The Universal Church) supposed to grow in an environment where a leader lies to try and discredit an opponent. The doctrine discussed on this site does not address key doctrinal points, but rather denominational points that I have a heart for. I see his dishonestly as totally unnecessary in this regard, or in any regard for that matter (even if he is talking to a Muslim or Jehovah’s Witness).

Look at the followig quotation from Pieter

Elders should be peacemakers, prayer warriors, teachers, leaders by example, and decision makers

He should take his own advise, because the example he has set here is not in line with his own words.

Look at this quotation where he calls me a Heretic. I ask you now, who is the heretic?

I have never come across more divisive words than i have in this website. If you were my flock Tit 3:10 would apply.

Dear freedom fighter (and anyone else who has come to try and discredit us)

Dear freedom fighter (and anyone else who has come to try and discredit us)

This blog was created for those who have been left behind by NCMI, each person that God has bought to this blog has been abused (some even sexually), lied to, stolen from, manipulated, hurt, broken and all this by a church you say we have no hard evidence against? Does this sound like a church that is good? A church that loves people? Helps people? Cares for people? Lifts people?

There is enough hurt and brokenness to bring even the slightest doubt of the goodness of this church. Not only one church, but all the NCMI churches from around the world. Now I can guess that you are a NCMI follower, no person with even the slightest of insight, a person with the ability to question (which you seem to not be able to do – you only question the broken victims of NCMI, yet not NCMI themselves and as a person that has dealt with NCMI for nearly 10 years I know one of the first signs of a devote NCMI is the lack of ability to look past the brainwash and to see their true colors)

I have been a victim of abuse of NCMI. I can testify to it right now before every person who is reading this. I was a victim of abuse at our local church, I left the church broken. My marriage was questioned, my faith was questioned, and everything about me was question. Why because I chose to come forward, because I spoke out about the abuse and manipulation and lies. Now no NCMI person will talk to us because we said: wait a minute – there is something wrong here. Our “friends” don’t talk to us because even though they possible had even seen the abuse for themselves, they are fearful to question NCMI.

Everything in the church was based on a hierarchy. I happened to be at the bottom so when we came forward about the abuse from the person who was higher above us, it was swept under the carpet. I was seen as the wrong one – but how could I be the wrong one if I was on the receiving end of abuse? The church is meant to be the first stop for help, yet when we did that and asked for help we were questioned, belittled, ignored, spoken about, lied to . And the abuser was taken in the car by the lead elder and asked if abuse took place. He said no and that was the end of it.

That’s my story, I have more stories that I am happy to share. A quick one: When I first became a member of NCF, I stayed at a shelter. The couple that ran the shelter were the most abusive and dishonest people around. I will never forget the one time the woman was angry with a little 2 year old that was there because his father use to get drunk and beat on them. Well this kid always flushed his head down the toilet and one day this project leader had enough and stared to beat on this little 2 year old. Anyway I started to question NCMI, and that’s when I started to see a glimpse of who they are. Myself and a another person was kick out this shelter, but they knew they could not just put me on the streets because I was only 15 at the time, so they called my mother who lived in another town and told her I was taking drugs and I had to return to her. I was a saved Christian at the time, fully in love with Jesus. I had a past of drugs…. Why would I take drugs? Why would I throw away my life when God had just picked me out of it? They caused huge problems, knowing that I was clean, knowing that they were lying and being deceitful, but as a way to get rid of me. But beyond that – I moved to a new town to clean up my life, to grow near to God. I can tell you now, if I never left my home town when I did, I would be dead today. So beyond their lies, of them trying to send me back home, it could have been more detrimental to me than you can imagine.

We have seen friends lives ripped to piece, we have seen NCF break marriages, we have seen people have full on nervous break-downs because of the trauma from NCF. I have seen children choose NCF over their families which resulted in a huge family break up, I have seen friends go back to a unchristian lifestyle and have ended up with abusive partners, I have seen a drug addicted who has begged for help be turned away by his own sister because he questioned NCF, I have seen a man who was a deacon of NCF sexually abuse young girls and his daughter but nothing was done until one day he made a teenager pregnant and divorced his wife and married her. I know of an elder who had 2 deacons’ sons, who wife killed herself, I think she used rat poison. I wonder what the family dynamic was there that she became so desperate! I know of a woman that was seeking God and was always turned down by NCF because she was low class and one day she was found dead – she hung herself. I have seen NCF use large amounts of money on material things to make their church the biggest and the greatest whilst thousands of children suffer each day in this town. You say on one of my other posts and I quote: ” Photo comparison between NCMI and the rest of the world is so ridiculous that no – one with half a brain would even consider it for a second!” Than tell me why NCF use their money buying smoke machines and fancy lights and big screens and all this time children are dying in our town. YES DYING – and what have they done to stop the deaths – nothing! And interesting a NCMI church will NEVER assist a project that is not one of their ministries ( because if it’s not theirs they cannot get the credit for it). Anyone with half a brain would see that there in its self is a big problem – the church is meant to be looking after those children, not their own needs – not needs that have nothing to do with God or his people.

This is only some of what I have seen, what about the rest of the world? What about all those who have come here with their own testimonies? What about those who are too scared to come forward? What about those who don’t yet know that NCMI has a BIG problem?

Feedom fighter, deceiver, NCMI fan / follower, man from Denver who is too blind to see the truth right in front of him, Tyron’s friend, Steve, Grant, Russ, John or any other person that comes to this blog to say that this blog is wrong, or unconstructive, or doing no good or that we have no evidence. Do me a favour, read though the posts and comments, read though the stories of how people like you, how churches like yours have total messed up people’s lives – INNOCENT people who just wanted to find God and what did they find  – the devil! Take a long look at the broken people on this blog, people who have wept at the hurt, pulled away from God because of your deceit and tell me then still if nothing is wrong with you or your church! Tell me that you can’t see major problems with NCMI and tell me that your church does not do more harm than good!!!!

All I can say is I am thankful that I was able to find God after NCMI, I am thankful that God was able to show me the faults in the church and show me that contrary to what NCMI likes to make you feel – God is more than NCMI and God is beyond NCMI. It was hard in the beginning to remain a Christian after I left NCF, I felt betrayed by God because ‘His people’ hurt me and let me down. Because ‘His people’ lied to me and abused me. And when leaders who were once my friend block me on facebook or when an elder who you respected and looked to as a man of God, someone you always trusted and respect refuses to talk to you or even respond to emails because of your stand against NCMI – you start to think… is there something wrong with me, you lose all your value because these so called men of God treat you like dirt. You wonder if you will ever find God or if you will ever have friends after the only friends you have are those within the NCMI building you just walked out of. It was scary, you feel alone and look to your future wondering how God will love you as you are no longer of value to God because you don’t attend NCMI, or you won’t be able to tithes (and you know if you don’t tithes God wont bless you according to NCMI) that you won’t be able to attend millions of meeting and therefore God cannot love you.

God is always by your side; He will always protect you, helped you and be there for you. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE IN AN ABUSIVE NCMI CHURCH TO GET GOD’S LOVE. You don’t need to be abused, speak in tongues, attend all these meetings, have dreams and visions, you don’t have to tithe your entire salary, stand in the front of the church were everyone can see you waving your hands, you don’t have to plant a church, you don’t have to speak the lingo and you don’t have to be a deacon or in leadership to be saved.

All you need to do is call the name of Jesus – love Jesus and obey Jesus. But the best thing of all is you don’t have to be in an NCMIchurch to do that. My advice to you is run, run from NCMI before you like all these hurt people lose your faith and lose your sight on God (or come near to losing it) God loves us so much, and He is faithful to us and helps us each day. Find God, find a good church and live a life being blessed by God.