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An Alternative Agenda – Illicit Affair or Something Else

Many readers of the comment section will find the title exciting because there has been a lot of talk recently about an Affair between Jon Daniels and a congregant in his Coastlands church. As my first time posting as the new Admin for this site, I would have really liked the post to be a expose of the problems that are happening within the NCMI movement. Unfortunately, I find myself conflicted and even forced to defend some within the NCMI movement.

Did JD have an affair? I am uncertain, and I blame certain abusers of the comment section on this blog. What looks like a telling tail of the excesses of this Charismatic movement from the average reader looks like a falsehood for anyone who can read the admin section. It became abundantly clear that there were perhaps 1 or 2 people posting on the comments about the affair but have used soo many aliases that it looks like a massive conversation between many.

The first time I noticed that something was wrong was when someone using the email address for Jon Daniels but gave her name as Mary. This made me look closer at the allegeations that were being given and I found that almost all shared the same IP address as below.

Besides this, the same comment was made as above but from a totally different user, with a different email address but the very same IP

I tried to contact the last commenter via email, and after more than a week, I have received no reply.

As it stands, I believe that something is wrong. To remedy this, I have deleting all comments from the above IP, and any email from Living Hope Church’s email address.


The recent change of name of this Blog

You would have noticed that a few weeks back I changed the name of this site from “NCMI Fringe” to “Discover the Truth”. This was not a flippant name change and I would like to take this opportunity to explain it.

The reason for the change is that I would like to move this blog away from being an exclusively NCMI bashing platform. I believe that it is important to expose the wolves that lurk within the movement but these wolves are not exclusively NCMI and I believe that this blog should not be either. I will try to keep my focus on NCMI as this is where I learnt of the dangers of the Charismatic movement, but I look forward to presenting articles the will expose the Charismatic movement and hopefully give you some perspective as to why NCMI is wrong in many of the things that they do.

Over the next month I will be updating the site to reflect this and will be adding some great links to my blogroll. The URL for this blog will stay the same , there is no point in starting from scratch, and besides I will still be spending a lot of time and energy on my opposition to the NCMI Fringe Group.

Who is Dudley Daniels?

Dudley Daniels is a very hard character to get any information on. I have surfed the web and can’t find any images of him or sermons by him.
Has anyone got any info about him? I would be very interested to know what the founder of NCMI is like and what his teachings are.