An Alternative Agenda – Illicit Affair or Something Else

Many readers of the comment section will find the title exciting because there has been a lot of talk recently about an Affair between Jon Daniels and a congregant in his Coastlands church. As my first time posting as the new Admin for this site, I would have really liked the post to be a expose of the problems that are happening within the NCMI movement. Unfortunately, I find myself conflicted and even forced to defend some within the NCMI movement.

Did JD have an affair? I am uncertain, and I blame certain abusers of the comment section on this blog. What looks like a telling tail of the excesses of this Charismatic movement from the average reader looks like a falsehood for anyone who can read the admin section. It became abundantly clear that there were perhaps 1 or 2 people posting on the comments about the affair but have used soo many aliases that it looks like a massive conversation between many.

The first time I noticed that something was wrong was when someone using the email address for Jon Daniels but gave her name as Mary. This made me look closer at the allegeations that were being given and I found that almost all shared the same IP address as below.

Besides this, the same comment was made as above but from a totally different user, with a different email address but the very same IP

I tried to contact the last commenter via email, and after more than a week, I have received no reply.

As it stands, I believe that something is wrong. To remedy this, I have deleting all comments from the above IP, and any email from Living Hope Church’s email address.



  1. Find it interesting that part of JR’S salary package is that he travels to Australia three times a year all expense’s paid by his new employ Living hope church. The pastor and his wife make upwards of over $250,000 pet year while most attendees of living hope make an average of $37,000 per year.
    New cars, vacation homes, jobs for family members Was told this info by a friend that volunteers at church.vacation they also have seen the pastor and another woman other then his wife together being a bit to friendly.
    Jr’s dad dudly was in town a few weeks ago and spoke at the church. Received love offering every service. Why is it that people just do not care?

  2. Deception is what bishop is king at. Can’t wait until the 4.2 million is due to the people that funded the purchase of the building the church is in. If someone would do an investigation of Bishop they would find much more then Mark Driscoll got caught doing. $250,000 per year, expensive sports cars, lavish vacation home in Mexico much sacrifice from this pastor for sure. Sad that he has pulled the wool over so many people’s eye’s. And as for JD time will tell.

  3. The rumours are all true, no point trying to work out whether it’s gossip – it’s not, it’s just fact.

    JD cheated on his wife Reann few years ago, got his mistress pregnant – married her; now they’re planning to plant their own church in the States I believe. There’s a vlog about that somewhere I’m yet to see it myself. Also John Bishop who was JD’s friend and lead the church he attended has been having an affair with his PA for years and it all came out recently.

    Reann writes a blog about the impact of the affair on her life

    Reann Taylor

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