NCMI – From Australia to the USA | The Easter debacle

It was a while back that I learned about this development, but due to personal reasons and a lack of time I failed to publish it here.

NCMI’s leader Tyrone Daniels has moved from his Australian base to Colorado, USA where he has established a new church that from accounts, he advertises it as a Episcopalian church.

The church goes under the name of ‘Redemption City Church’ and they are located at Madcap Comedy Theater in Westminster Colorado.

There were immediately reports as to really strange events happening around the establishment of this church. I decided to contact Tyrone directly but was stopped by one of his elders named Russ Doty. I discussed some issues with him, he was evasive to say the least. I then got my wife to call, and she received the same evasiveness. I asked Russ to get Tyrone to contact me, and he never did. My wife also contacted the youth pastor and asked him to get Tyrone to contact her and he never did. I sent an email to Tyrone yesterday requesting that he contact me. Today I received an email from him telling me that he is not interested in talking to me. I have replied pointing out my allegations, and giving him one more opportunity to respond. He is as yet to respond

The Easter debacle

As Christians the key pivotal moment in our destinies happened around 2000 years ago when a Nazarene named Jesus died a horrible death at the hands of gentiles in Jerusalem. 3 days later this lowly Carpenter was resurrected from death and later ascended to the Father where he now reigns. To some this is a fairy tale, to others this is fact and is the key to our salvation.

It is not an event that is to be taken lightly just as the sacrifices in the Temple was something that was not to be taken lightly. I’m sure we all know that during the life of Christ there is one recorded incident of rage, that was when a mockery was made of the Temple. Commercial activities were taking place, and in Christs own work, the Temple was made a den of thieves.

It came to my attention that on Easter Sunday, Tyrone’s new church planned on giving away the following prizes if you came to worship that day.

  • An Apple IPad
  • A trip to Hawaii
  • A Harley Davidson Motorbike
  • A Snowboard
  • A Mountain Bike

None of the advertising mentioned Jesus or the importance of Easter etc…

How did you react to that. Did you fall off your chair laughing or did you, like me feel sick at this commercialisation of what is Holy? Can everyone image what people had on their minds Easter morning as they got ready for church? Was it the sacrifice that Christ made or the possibility that they could win a great prize?

My wife contacted local NCMI churches in South Africa and informed them about what this church was doing. She did not mention that the name of the church or that it was headed by Tyrone Daniels. She also did not mention that it related to NCMI. The various pastor’s were shocked and appalled at how they had lost the meaning of the holiest celebration we have, they went as far as to say that they would not attend that church….. until she eventually told them that it was Tyrone’s church. They immediately did an about-turn and said what he was doing was not wrong.

When informing an elders wife about this give away, she broke done almost in tears saying that its not true. Her husband demanded that we not speak about it over the phone but that we should go to the church and chat to them but now when we call the church they wont allow us to talk to the elders.

The proof of this is here for anyone that is interested:

There is more to follow of what we and many other people feel to be strange happening that yet have to be explained, but it involves finances and as such I need to give Tyrone the opportunity to respond.



  1. This makes me sick.

    I’m so glad I left church when I did. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I used to lead worship in church, and I used to attend large NCMI churches as well. I frequently feel ashamed that I ever pushed the gospel, because I know that I helped make up a dense network of lies and deceit. Despite the clean, wholesome exterior that these places like to portray, I always found that I didn’t have to dig too deep to uncover a host of festering lies and cultish behaviour. It’s all pretend, one big show designed ultimately to get you to part with money. Don’t believe me? Take a stroll through a church parking lot and look at the cars that the pastors are driving.

    I’m sure people will try to spew bifurcated bits of scripture at me, as if doing so proves something other than the extent of their brainwashing. You can go right ahead. If there is a god, and he asks me one day why I gave church the finger, I’ll show him the video above.

    Thank you for sharing the story above. It highlights another massive difference between what churchy types say, and what they do. Hopefully it jolts even more people into waking up and seeing these places for what they really are.

    Someone said words to this effect in response to this story, and I agree: If you need to bribe people with expensive gifts in order to get them to listen to your message, then there’s something wrong with the message. I think people are starting to wake up to this. I know I have.

    1. I have seen what you are talking about firsthand
      at a church in Edenvale, South Africa where the main
      elders push the congregation for money all the time
      to support their expansion programmes in the name
      of Christ our Saviour yet the average church member
      is held in very poor light and is almost a bother for most of them to disciple. But Christ our Saviour has
      told us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling and to keep our eyes on Him to the glory of the Father. By hero worshiping the pastor or elder
      or a church we set up ourselves for dissappointment.
      They did not die for you,Christ did so rejoice in that. The Eternal Father will always reveal this hypocrisy
      and lies, all that is hidden will be revealed, Truth will
      always find a way because Christ is Truth.
      blessings in Christ the Lord

    2. Hi Matt,
      I have friends who are starting to go to a NCMI church in Kelowna. I just found this blog and I can see there are some concerns. Would you mind giving me a few more details as to what the problem is with them or where I can find out more information on them. I know nothing about them. Thanks – Don

    3. I want to be Faithful, Above reproach, Submissive and portray a Teachable spirit. I serve God and not man. God sees the pride and how people hurt His children. I just look to God.

    4. The LORD is wonderfully good to those who wait (hopefully and expectantly) for Him, to those who seek for Him. Lamentations 3:25. Jesus treats us with respect and we really matter to Him. Instead of seeking what He can take from us, He sets us free from all bondage we endure in our lives and pours His life into us. So we love Him. Jesus warns us to follow the way of God. The Word that Jesus has spoken, will judge us in the last day – John 12:48. God did not create hell for humanity. He created hell for Satan and his angels – Matthew 25:41, but because of sin and lack of repentence, humanity ends in hell, and there are more that perish than those who reach Gods glory. Jesus gave His life for humanity, so that it would not perish, so that it would not end up in hell. He gave His life out of love and mercy so that humanity would proceed to repentence and could enter the Kingdom of Heaven. No one can purchase life. We have to forgive and tell people to repent.

      1. I’m sorry to come back and read all these replies. But this is NCMI and it hasn’t changed at all in the last 10 years. Same things are going on.

        ReAnn treatment is poor but, no different to anyone else who is no longer considered useful to NCMI. She’s probably not “building the same way” so why would they have anything to do with her? She probably did the same to others in the past herself. It’s a tough lesson to learn. What support does she want? Money for the rent? no one gave me rent money they just asked me to give. Tyrone to come baby sit? (No thanks!)

        JD’s character has not changed. You all loved him before and he was the same person then. Give him a break, he’s had a messed up life/childhood and probably headed down a bad path now. You all kissed his butt for the last 10 years, no matter what he did, enablers….

        Where are the tossers who told a 20 year old boy to get married and take on lead elder ship in a church? Busy having their own disasters no doubt.

        Financial management and salaries have not changed. This disaster is not new but part of a consistent pattern.

        “jobs for the boys” and visas for the boys, at the expense of others who gave $$$ and worked their butts off is not new. You all knew JD would be given a job.

        The winners in this are those who use the information to behave differently and learn something.

        ReAnn should be thanking them, if she can learn from this experience her daughters may be raised in a non chauvinistic environment, her son may be the first Daniel to actually get an education, and even a job that he likes and is qualified to do. Good luck to her. She is capable of creating a wonderful life for her family.

        Good luck to JD, I had hoped he would have gone to a bible college or university and actually got educated and qualified, laid low for a while and came back doing something he wants to do. Hopefully there are not too many hot chicks in his new young adults group to distract him (jokes)

        As for Tyrone’s twitter, LOL, the caps lock always makes me laugh. He’s incessantly excited and expectant for years. And it’s all for HIS KINGDOM!

      Now read on:
      COASTLANDS brief HISTORY as understood by this author please check the facts for yourself.
      Coastlands was originally the headquarters for the founder of NCMI, DUDLEY DANIELS he and his wife Ann have 3 sons Tyrone Cliff and Jon (JD). They began their ministry in the 80s in South Africa.
      Dudley Daniels often gave his testimony of being saved after being an alcoholic literally on his knees “a stinking drunk” is how he described himself in a testimony that was very powerful.
      Coastlands International Christian church has gone through a number of changes over the years it was originally headed in Adelaide by Rob Rufus and Raul Tuul at the Apollo Stadium. The church grew at this time and many signs and wonders, programs and good pastoral care were implemented – this time also had its critics but on the whole was well run and solid.
      Some Adelaide church plants at this time were at Aberfoyle Hub now called Impact Church Martin and Carrie Ann Stockdale in partnership with Tom and Jo O Neil. Steve and Illona Potters church plant in Blackwood (FRONTIER). Victory run by Tony and Kath Rainbow was originally a Coastlands Church plant. All These churches later chose to become completely independent from NCMI due to their own reasons.
      Coastlands moved back to o Halloran hill around 1999 buying the building from Edge. The church was bought outright and there was NO mortgage and additional 2 – 3 properties around the O’Halloran Hill site were purchased. With the idea they would be for youth, offices etc.
      Tyrone Daniels undertook leadership at this time.
      Tyrone handed leadership over to Jon Daniel in 2007, JD and his wife Reann had been leading Gateway church successfully and he was a popular preacher charismatic and amazing worship leader. Jon and Reann had 3 children and appeared to have a very loving family and relationship.
      Jon Daniel launched an ambitious expansion of the church in Adelaide opening Blackwood Campus (originally Frontier independently run by Illona and Steve Potter) and a church in Event Cinema in Marion in addition the city church site was launched. Tom and Jo O Neil, The Potters leaving their churches were appointed elders along with the Jon and Ali Pretorious, Rod and Jenny Dunsford, Gavin and Gail Clarke, Derek and Lianne Andrews, Nathan and Amy Dalton.
      JD announced in March/ April 2011 that God had told him to get out of debt. He commenced to close campuses Marion already closed and then to close Blackwood campus. Query if Blackwood was sold or a rented property this fact is unknown by this author as Coastlands keeps no financial records or annual reports to share with its congregation. He announced that the Hill had been put on the market. He also announced he was going to sell his family home just following “Gods message to get out of debt” as quoted by JD.
      At this time JD was having an affair with Kathy Ann Muldoon, married to Jamie Muldoon the couple had become close friends with JD and Reann and they went out together and Kathy often baby sat the Daniels children. Jamie was a mate of JDs who he frequently went out to coffee with. Sadly this close friendship between the couples, resulted in an illicit affair between JD and Kathy. During the time of his affair JD kept an enormously high profile preaching at the South and the City campus on Sunday morning and sometimes visiting Blackwood when it was still open.
      JD whilst having this affair managed to keep the secret from everyone including his wife. He persuaded Reann to sell the family home in Cormandal Valley sold in the region of low $600,000 this had been gifted to him by his father Dudley Daniel ( Church leader founder father figure and father of NCMI).
      During this time JD encouraged Reann to take out Australian citizenship. The day after he moved Reann and three young children into a rental at Malvern he flew to the UK. During this time JD had become very close to Tom O Neil no longer engaging so much with the other elders. Elder Steve Potter had challenged him at some point asking him what was going on between him and Kathy Muldoon.
      End of September 2011 the entire contactable number of the congregation were asked to go to an urgent meeting at the O Halloran Hill Campus. Here a tearful Reann fronted the entire congregation to tell them that JD had left her and that she had no idea what had been going on. This took enormous courage JD has never fronted the church at any time leaving his wife and other leaders to explain and to pick up the peices. Ben Whittaker took over to explain the simple facts: JD had been having an affair with Kathy Ann Muldoon and she was pregnant. A shell shocked packed house barely gasped in disbelief a few cried for Re anns obvious pain and distress. Most of us stumbled out of the building thinking did I just hear that??
      After the announcement several church members asked re finances all was evaded and barely answered by church leaders. Occaissionally an overhead of a simplistic pie chart was shown on the screen very briefly to “explain the finances”. For quite a time the congregation optimistically looked forward to a new honest beginning in a new building with the sale of the O halloran Hill site.
      This optimisim was later quoshed when those who pursued the leaders with some dedicated zeal learnt that only 900,000 dollars were left. Where did it all go? Business Class flights, nannies for the lead elder frequent trips away by all the elders. Too much rapid expansion in Adelaide. Various properties in the US, Adelaide and South Africa for the Dudley family. All from the hard earned sacrificed tithes of a faithful congregation over decades. No records = FINANCIAL ABUSE and complete lack of accountability.
      NCMI continues to take 10% from all of its church plants, Dudley Daniels Adelaide address is unknown all of his mail goes to a PO Box he is uncontactable via all normal methods. NCMI have launched a new website. Kingdom City Church located Warradale Primary School, Keynes Ave. is their church plant split away from Coastlands resulting from NCMI loyalists departing from Coastlands after a Ben Whittaker made the brave announcement he would like to depart from NCMI. Esimated size 70 – 90 people mainly from original coastlands.
      Ben Whittaker calls a united church meeting February 10 2013, in which he is prayed in and ordained as the official Lead Elder of Coastlands. One week later, Derek and Lianne Andrews announce their decision February 17th 2013 to leave Coastlands and start their own church causing a further split and taking several families with them estimated to be up to 70 people mainly from the City campus to launch a new church in the South.
      This paper is written by an anonymous author for fear of reprisals. I am a Christian with a yearning for the truth and that the issue of finances to be addressed in a Godly and honourable fashion. Those finances should be accounted for and if mis spent the lead elder of that time and his family the Dudley family should be made to make amends and or be prosecuted.
      A financial report should be a mandatory requirement demanded by church- goers who tithe faithfully into a church in the faith that careful consideration and prayer goes into how the money is spent. We all need to feel safe that leaders are accountable to God and to their fellow parishioners. We need to feel safe that one leader at the front is not given free rein to spend and do as he wishes and not be held accountable. This church should be audited by an independent body going back decades.
      Current Coastlands elders you too are accountable for what has happened with the misuse of finances you were all on the eldership team at the time of JD. This church has no pastoral care runs no programmes or courses all the elders get paid a full wage by the parishoners to do what? This church has now outward focus and has been run as a business not accountable to anyone. I hope this gets investigated. Coastlands city church light square Adelaide. Coastlands South Christies Beach primary, maturin ave Christies Beach.

      1. Amazing Story. I am going to attempt to confirm these claims via direct contact with the church.

      2. This is true I come from coastlands in Adelaide SA originally the headquarter church of NCMI some dates prob need clarifying scary and true there are more ex NCMI coastlands attendees than attendees this is their legacy. They dont care for people and dont practice the gospel. They run the church like a money making business and are accountable to no one. Financial abuse is huge Living a lie and running around to preach in every church on Sunday we loved you JD you are a liar and a cheat. You deceived us week in and week out. This should be taken to the ombudsman or a similiar authority.

      3. This is all correct as far as I know. All the elders and ReAnn must have know the finances were in this state and willingly approved this. Unfortunately the reward of being “in with the Daniels family” is a bigger reward than being honest and ethical for these people. I feel sorry for them all and they are nice people but to be continually unrepentant about financial abuse and dishonesty so they can be “popular” in NCMI has consequences eventually.
        Nothing will change, they will all continue on doing the same thing, either elsewhere or at the same location.

      4. I’ll also add (as cruel as it seems) that anyone attending this church who did not realise the financial dishonesty and abuse must be as thick as a brick. People had been leaving for the past decade in Adelaide over this stuff. It was blatantly obvious.
        A hard lesson learned in using common sense and your brain.
        It’s frustrating, but life will go on. ReAnn will remarry and have a nanny again before you know it. All the little church splits will end up doing okay. JD will find a ministry job (hopefully not in the financial area). Everyone will live and learn and continue on their way.

      5. Are there any other people from Coastlands Adelaide willing to give further testimony evidence to this on this page? Please contribute you can do so anonomusly if you wish.

      6. So the building sold for 2.2 million and the is only $900,000 left. They say the building was bought debt free. But that’s what they say, and one things i have learned is that we can not believe a word of what they say.
        What was the price they paid for the building?
        How much money was actually in the building fund?
        Did NCMI or Dudley pay for part of the building cost, then take money back after the building sold?
        Was part of the sale of the building gifted back to NCMI?
        How do the Daniels (who love to tell “we were so poor stories” ) have enough money to gift their son $600,000?

        These things we will never know.

        I’m know people who gave what they couldn’t afford to these funds, and went without basic things. 😦

      7. To clear up a few misnomers: Dudley did not gift a house to JD and ReAnn. Also, ReAnn had no idea of the finances, she was not allowed to know. This has always been the edict of NCMI, the men must be in charge of all finances! It is true that many of NCMI leaders are trying to restore JD to the ministry as well as other churches, one in Vancouver, WA. Yes he needs love and forgiveness but to restore him to what became his unraveling is very unwise. The saddest part of this is how Tyrone Daniel has had no time to ever reach out to ReAnn. His response, “Well I wasn’t that close to her!” She was a loyal, faithful friend to his entire family!

      8. Yes sir, Now Mr Danial’s will be working at Living Hope Church in Vancouver, Wa. The Pastor has the same problems affair, drugs and drinking. The church has to pay back 4.2 million to investors in less then two years. Danial’s father make millions! Read between the lines people. Its all about money.

      9. It’s always been about JD satisfying his flesh. So sad and so misleading to try to make a living and misrepresent who God really is based on all his fleshly desires. He’s always been with his mistress even though they always lied absolutely said they tried to reconcile with their spouses! Never once did they because they had this all planned. Kathy’s own dad didn’t even know she was divorced from her husband when she had filed. She’s just focused on her inheritance and says what she’ll get when her father passes away. So evil!

      10. She wasn’t even a parishioner. Set her sites on JD quickly. Acted like she was ReAnns best friend all the while throwing herself on JD. Had already even been asked to leave a church previously because she was hitting on the senior pastor there! Even when she made sure she got pregnant by JD she played the game to act like she loved ReAnn and wanted to be a part of ReAnns family! And JD thinks she will be satisfied with him! Evil isn’t satisfied!

      11. I am really sad to hear that he is going to be restored to ministry with a gifted house and big salary so unjust. And the lead pastor of living hope behaved that way too! JD should just disappear I just hope the more posts that are made will prevent more people being deceived. Awareness and information re these deceivers and there lies and thievery. Have to be brought to attention of others ….jesus wept 😦

      12. Well now John Bishop has hired JD at his church Living hope in Vancouver, WA. Let the games begin Wonder if the parishioners at living hope know that the lead pastor makes over $275,000 per year ?
        To keep up the lavish lifestyle JD & Kathy will be bringing in the big bucks too.Just try to get a real financial report from Living hope .All you get is hogwash.What happened to the $600,000 this had been gifted to him by his father Dudley Daniel? What happened to the money from the sale of the church and other properties JD?
        You or your new found partner in crime will not answer questions.
        Has Bishops wife been told about the hanky panky he and his (mistress)assistant have going on. My husband and I both saw them together while they were at Coastlands years ago.What a pair.
        The cover ups are deep it sickens us.

      13. From insider’s information, JD is telling all his friends that he tried to reconcile with ReAnn, and that he only decided to marry his mistress after she rejected him. I know ReAnn personally and have heard from her own mouth that JD had NEVER ONCE tried to reconcile with her at all. I do not see any repentance in this schedule of events at all. If someone were to meet JD now, exactly where are we supposed to believe that he repented? While he was sleeping with his mistress? While he and ReAnn were separated and he NEVER EVEN TRIED to reconcile with her? Did he perhaps repent after marrying his mistress and deserting his 3 children that he had with ReAnn? When did he have his change of heart, and why can’t we see ANY evidence of it in his actions???

        Sorry to say, this is the story of the bank robber who robs the bank and then says he is “sorry,” but NEVER RETURNS THE MONEY. “But he repented…” If he repented, then he should own up to his responsibility and seek reconciliation with the wife of his youth (again, this HAS NEVER HAPPENED). So, when exactly did JD repent of his adultery? As far as I can see, he is still living in adultery and his farce of a marriage is just in place to “make his sin acceptable.” Sickening.

        Now he moves on into his so–called “restoration” at Living Hope Church in Vancouver, WA (USA) with Pastor John Bishop. 2 problems here: (1) “Daddy, where are you???” Leaving 3 children in Australia with his now ex–wife ReAnn to fend for themselves while he pays minimal child support (2) Word on the ground is a nice big paycheck of $10,000.00 (USD) per month… but all indications point to the probability that the 3 children left behind are going to continue to struggle in their 1–bedroom apartment while new mistress (“wife”?) coins the cash for her new lavish life in the USA.

        You have to hand it to them, if you want to commit adultery without being held accountable and then go an with your life as if nothing ever happened, you could not plan it any better than this. Good luck to all those who will be subject to this “anointed worship leader” singing his love songs to Jesus over your sound system while he goes home to live with his mistress.

      14. I have seen this blog before and despite the antagonism it has faced over the years, I believe that it has a place. After reading some of the recent commentary on this post, and some of the others, there is such a strong need to bring certain individuals, present NCMI leadership and former, to account. Not before men necessarily, but to open their eyes to see their position before the Lord. At another level though, the lives affected would benefit to know that there is a measure of understanding on the part of those who failed them.

        We have no option but to walk in forgiveness, but to bring this comment in line with the thread of this post, there remain issues – past and present – that need to be presented in plain sight. Even through a donkey. There were years and years that I bit my tongue to bring ‘a word of correction’ to Tyrone Daniel. I don’t believe the reason was fear, although that is most certainly up for debate. The reason can also be because it would not have been heard – and at another level, there can also be too many voices, saying too many different things.

        The most obvious issue is regarding the stewardship of the flock, and then yes, the finances. I too was a faithful servant within NCMI for many years, in multiple countries, and left due to a recognition that ‘my time there was up’. This was also around the time that many of the apostolic team members of the NCMI heyday pulled out. I saw the possibilities of the vision NCMI presented, and lived into that with my whole heart. I laid down my finances, my family, even my country to pursue God’s call to the nations.

        On one occasion as a young person I gave the entirety of my savings to a church building fund, and due to a strange turn of events which blocked my income for a time (very contrary to prosperity gospel!) did not have money for rent, transport or food for a significant period, needing to live by faith. I shared it with only one person! So crazy was the faith and ‘absolute submission’ to the church’s vision.

        Yet, while that time of no money was an incredible growing experience in my walk with the Lord, I have to ask the question – where did the money go? For those elders who have the faintest idea, when no church building/property ever eventuated, even 10 years later – instead the massive debt presented in these blog pages, and the extravagance with which the recipients – past and present – now live. WHERE indeed? My ex-NCMI network and I personally believe our sacrifice was before the Lord, and the debt stays there, we would call no one to account.

        Yet, for those willing to listen… there were lives involved here, real lives, real ‘living by faith’ accounts, real people with names and faces. The JD debacle shown in these pages, especially reinstated in leadership after all that has happened is a prime example. There are people involved here, people, many many people. People whose lives and callings the Lord esteems as equal to those of JD, Tyrone and Dudley, as much as we have esteemed and honoured their leadership over the years?

        If I have to sum up the testimonies of the many who have left the ranks of NMCI in the last decade it would be this: ‘no one has ever openly repented, no one has ever said they were wrong, we have moved on but we need to hear that’.

        It’s because people laid their lives down for this….

        Yes, there was a beautiful ideology seen within the early days of NCMI, a beautiful dream. God inspired? Oh, I really hope so, I still long to see that eventuate. I would not go so far as to say it was all deception. Yet, it didn’t work out, in a BIG way. Tell us, tell us, we want to know. We really want to hear it. Many of us have already forgiven you, but how great would the reconciliation be….?

        Then, maybe, those that are lost will come back. If not to NCMI, then to relationship. Then there are who have surrendered themselves to the darkness of unbelief – and there are those – perhaps even them.

      15. We are members likely soon to be former members of Living Hope in Vancouver, Wa and heard of some shocking info with the info above…
        Looking to find the truth and also not be in violation of Matthew CH 7.

        I don’t know and hope the following is untrue, but there is a website with a rental property in Cabo San Lucas owned by John and Michelle Bishop…
        With review by JD of the property/ mansion.

        You can Google it and again this and the above indicate potential corruption tied to the Cabo investments, church funds, and mission trips to Cabo.

        I am praying about this!
        John Bishop home in Cabo

  2. I know that not all people who go to church are like this. I don’t mean to generalise. But now that I’ve stepped away from that environment, I’ve found that’s in spite of all the brainwashing, not because of it. There are good people doing good things everywhere, and I think most of them operate in healthier environments than the ones described above.

  3. r u serious?? One minute you complain bout them having too much money then the next you complain about giving it away??
    make up ur mind

  4. Stop and look at what our world has become! Look and see how we as human beings no longer care for human life, or for our brother, nor do we care for the aged. There are babies’ starving to death in African countries and there are woman being human trafficked as sex slaves. And what does NCMI use their mass of money for (who by the way are meant to be a NPO with the purpose to change the world for the better)…. to BRIBE on lookers to come to their church.
    Some agree with their actions others don’t – but the bottom line is all that church did was satisfy man’s need for worldly possession – the one thing the bible warns against. But more than that, can you even imagine how many vulnerable lives could have been physically saved with that money– the purpose for which the church is there! And that very action is what shows Gods love, and that will bring people to God. Worldly possession push people away from God.

  5. …well what can we say, apart from the absolute obvious? If something is true, people will easily be drawn to it, at least for enquiry, but it will also withstand the test of truth. (Caveat: Crowds dont equal truth – history proves that). But, one wont have to constantly change the rules of the ball game. But, if something is false, losing relevance (as religion surely is), people will have to be coerced, threatened, told they are guilty, and scare them with threats of murderous torture or….in the absence of those techniques (as people have wisened up over the centuries and clever pastors don’t talk about the hell god anymore – its not attractive for numbers on a Sunday)…they will need to be bought, marketed, sold to and lets face it – lied to. PS I know these people – and Tyrones previous job? Assistant in a recreation centre. Great credentials for leading a ‘world wide movement’. A bit of education wouldn’t go astray…sickening stuff really. I feel sorry for the kids of the pastors. They will never actually value a real education and the real heroes/heroines of the world.

  6. Totally agree with Anon Writer.Absolutely nauseating. These people(NCMI and others) are like low life sales people- recruiting the vulnerable and then using the money from tithes to have extended holidays with business class fares for the Pastor and his Barbie wife.
    It is all justified because of the way they interpret the Bible to justify their actions.
    Thank you for publishing this- we need more examples like this.

  7. I know Tyrone personally and many things that are being said about him are not true. He and his wife are humble, loving leaders who put the needs of others ahead of their own. Many comments made about finances are misleading and not true. I am so disappointed to see the body of Christ beating up their own. God bless you Tyrone for all you are doing for His kingdom. You are a man of integrity.

    1. Then why don’t you please ask Tyrone to answer my emails with answers to my questions. I think that a leader, when faced with critisimn should address it.

      It should be noted that from our side we have attempted to phone him and email him.

      1. This story is not unique as I have been going to a church in Edenvale also linked to NCMI with a similar
        financial flavour. Someone also bought the senior elder a harley davidson and he has just flow to the States USA. Oh there was also a nice holiday some
        where in Maurisius or Seyshelles. A previous elder
        spoke to me for around forty minutes about financial
        mismanagement and serious spiritual faults. There is far more going on than what meets the eye. I am a watchman for the House of God, the church and am a
        mature christian, none of this is a lie.

      2. So you are telling the whole cyber world this “trash” which may or may not be true just because Tyrone has not answered your emails?!?!?! Wow, that is certainly biblical! Go get before God and see if He sanctions what you are doing. You should repent because you are certainly out of order!

      3. Matthew 18:16
        But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’

        John 8:17
        In your own Law it is written that the testimony of two witnesses is true.

        2 Corinthians 13:1
        This will be my third visit to you. “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”

        1 Timothy 5:19
        Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses.

        Hebrews 10:28
        Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses.

        Numbers 35:30
        “‘Anyone who kills a person is to be put to death as a murderer only on the testimony of witnesses. But no one is to be put to death on the testimony of only one witness.

    2. “I know Tyrone personally…he and his wife are humble..” !!!!These comments simply reflect your WISH for these to be true descriptions – and worse the very clever use of his and others smiling, “cool”, contemporary, ‘humble speak’. You know you have a lot to lose by being truthful. Your comments are sad – rather like a little child who just wants ‘father christmas’ to be true. They have nothing to do with reality. Statistics. Proof. Knowledge. Behaviour. An uneducated, low to middle intelligence man who has learnt the ‘ways’ and ‘means’ amounts to nothing of proof. We are talking here about the abuse of people with crass marketing – seducing people to get members AND money. It doesn’t take a lot to be deceived again and again if you are first deceived. NCMI and other like minded fundy, emotive, silly, money hungry, success mad churchy groups do not genuinely care for our world – they care only for the success of their organisation(s). (and of course for ‘keeping’ their donors). Fear and guilt are handy when all else fails. 99.9% dont even do what their Lord commands them to do! Facts and statistics (recent in depth studies) prove they do virtually NOTHING for poor people (in comparison to their sickly marketing), nothing for promoting weelness and responsibility for the environment, treating humans equally and the big one – they care nothing for peoples mental health and well-being, preferring gothic age mental ill health must be ‘demonic’!!! Try leaving one of these groups. Try having a different opinion! Trying failing! Lying to someone that a god ‘up there’ heals – thereby keeping them from those who genuinely could help (doctors, specialists) – whilst your ‘god’ obviously cares nothing for genuine suffering and genuine ‘healing’ (and never has) is criminal. Let’s see – children destroyed in the hundreds of thousands through ‘catastrophe’, murderous tyrants, wars, disease, famine and murderous religion – hmmm? And you call him “father”? As a dad I wouldn’t treat my kids that way! If I did I would be arrested and the key thrown away! Its time to truly help people and stop this movie star adulation of church leaders who love wealth – use people, DO NOT WORK, and steal billions from humanity with banal, crass, unintelligent religion and childish arguments. Wake up Judy! If your comment had facts it would be something – but please there are people with intelligence who read these blogs!

      1. Most of what you have written is not true. In my experience i see men and women laying their lives down for the ‘world’. It sounds as if you are very angry at God. I am saddened to hear your judgements and your generalizations. What was your purpose in making comments about intelligence.”there are people with intelligence who read these blogs”. I am not going to argue with you, because it is a poor use of my time and yours. Have a nice day.

      2. Yes they are so humble and yet they have turned their back on a victim of adultery who loved and served them. Tyrone making the comment, “I wasn’t that close to her!” Really so glad that’s not the heart of Jesus! Stand with your brother who continues to lie and deceive and don’t reach out to the one who has been victimized and left to fend and raise three children in their own after laying their life down for you! Shame on you!!! All if you Daniels! So embarrassed to even say I knew you.

      1. Its disgusting going to make people aware they have to know what money is changing hands here. How many lies are being told. How many people get dumped off on the way. How you protect your cheating brother turn your back on reann and kids.. AND THE GOD OLD BOYS GET LOOKED AFTER. Whets your heart at no christ lover would behave like that. … NO MORE

      2. My papa taught me a few things when i was a just a pup.He said boy a leopard can not change his spots and that birds of a feather flock together and follow the money.Boy oh boy was he right. JD is a liar and a cheat and will do and say anything to make a buck and now he is in America preaching in a church in Washington. Living hope church. From what I have learned pastor bishop has all the same problems as JD.
        We saw the pastor from living hope in a bar kissing his assistant here in Adelaide a few years ago when he spoke at a conference we attended.At the time we thought it was his wife but latter found that not to be the case. We talked to JD and ReAnn about this at the time and he assured us nothing was going on. Well no wonder he covered for him he was doing the same thing.(SNAKE)
        We left Coastlands after the affair came to light along with many of our friends.
        We have friends in the Seattle area that know a couple that were on the board of the church and they have confirmed that pastor bishop makes upwards of $285,000 per year and has a vacation home somewhere in Mexico.From what my wife and I have been told sounds like my papa was right! Birds of a feather flock together.
        It will be interesting to see what these two will do next ? travel to churches around the world speaking about how God can restore anyone? Knowing JD the way we do and what we have learned about pastor bishop they will be lining there pockets in the name of Jesus.
        Please pray blessings over them both and pastor bishops wife and lover .

      3. I would love to hear from you on your experiences as I’m trying to get as many facts as possible. If you would be willing to email me what you know, firsthand, I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

    3. I am commenting on my own post from 2010. Well folks, I was dead wrong about NCMI and my above post was written while I was being deceived by NCMI. We have many questions over missing finances, control of leaders, extravagant life styles, use of funds for family holidays in the Caribbean and on and on. We are no longer an NCMI church and have not been one for three years. We gave everything we had to this movement and have not even had a reply to our email that we sent when we left. It is about money, manipulation, control, male domination, lack of formal education and much secrecy. We are so thankful to be out but do miss the many wonderful folks who remain in NCMI but are deceived. It is not my intent to be critical of anyone, but it is crucial that others realize the truth of this organization.

      1. It takes a big person to admit That they were mistaken. I pray that you find peace in your decision and that God preserves your relationship with him.

  8. ..further, one must consider just what product is being sold by NCMI and its ‘trying hard to be cool’ salesman/preachers. It is clear that it is not bible christianity as defined by ‘scripture’. It is certainly a strange mix of NCMI club values which ebb and flow and change with the shifting wind from the more ‘influential’ types down to the less ‘profiled’ preachers who basically just parrot these phrases to make up for less talent and to keep their congregations feeling significant inviting these ‘high profiled’ leaders into their churches (at a price). It also seems to be a weird mix of ‘cool’ – pseudo psychological sayings with loads of alliteration to make it even more ‘punchy’. Concepts like hell, ‘cannot be my disciple’; ‘gnashing of teeth’; ‘hating mother and father’ etc etc (all ridiculous and from an ignorant age of superstition) are left out in favor of more contemporary ideas like ‘vision, kingdom, presence, life, favor, prophetic, blessing, increase etc etc ad nauseum. There is a reason for this – the ‘other’ more biblical ideas are quite stupid for serious people with intelligence – and lets face it – Westerners particularly wants to hear nice sounding pseudo intellectual jargon to fit in with their lifestyle – with not too much ‘hard stuff’. Especially where church shopping is a busy market and especially since since everyone wants to feel nice about their religion, have a good time, feel superior to others whilst trying not to be too embarrassed about their religion and above all live prosperous, happy, comfortable lives – eg. the Western, American materialistic, capitalist ideal. Thats why the ‘big guys’ in the movement tend to flock to the USA – calling it “going to the nations’! What a concept! What a joke! Forget Ethiopia, Tunisia, Pakistan, Greenland, Lithuania or Siberia. Its just too hard to be comfortable there.

    1. @JB, Peter and a few of the disciples were fishermen. They were uneducated men. Your issue with Tyrone Daniel being ‘uneducated’ smacks of ‘Pharisaical’ nonsense.

      You said: “They have nothing to do with reality. Statistics. Proof. Knowledge. Behaviour.”

      Reality is larger than that.

      Your cynicism in these comments unfortunately clouds both your judgement and your ability to engage reasonably.

      1. So Ryan Peter …”engage reasonably”? Hmm – reason requires facts, science and knowledge. To exercise reason is to not be emotionally (and foolishly or UNreasonably) coaxed into something without facts. But then again your concept of reality is something that is simply made up without any proof (like all religiosity). How can this be reality? It is technically unreality. Shall I walk in to the doctor and tell him that even though my child has a proven factual diagnosis that he needs a ‘larger reality’ by letting you put your hands on the child and pray? A larger reality? Well if 100 people who suffer from guardia take one tablet – approximately 99% recover. This is not deemed a ‘miracle’. It is reality. Your concept of a HIGHER reality must therefore be greater than this. So put 100 people with guardia in front of your charlatans and guess what – approximately 99 will die. But of course your “higher” reality will boast of a “miracle”. I think it is obvious who needs a reality check. For our childrens sake and for the poor people who get sucked into spending their lives wastefully following charlatans – for the millions dying because of totalitarian, religious brutality – we need true vigilance not your typical arrogant 4 sentence casting off of a persons opinion with an absolutely ridiculous description termed “Pharisee”. My goodness – I am neither a Jew, nor even a Judaist – not even a religionist! What a silly reply! Please if you are going to engage in a helpful response that others can learn from – you need to come up with something better than a “no knowledge, no idea, no debate” reply – a classic “I am a Christian and I know better than you” comment.

  9. Our NCMI church is in financial trouble yet our elders have just flown to Melbourne for a weeks leadership get together, and also paid for 2 other elders to attend. I think this is their 3rd trip away this year for similar meetings.Pleased this meeting is in Australia

    1. our elders flew to USA at what cost. The ministries
      that need help in our church are blown off as non essentials and must fend for themselves. only the
      inner circle ministry get bucks to keep them going.
      Hypocrits, what of the orphan and widows, the lost
      and downtrodden, those under bondage of sin
      and lifes troubles. May Christ Himself come and
      bring charge against all such evildoers in His Church.
      Vengance is mine Saith the Lord of Hosts. amen and amen. Blessings in Christ alone Andre

  10. Tyron & Nicole Daniels live in a $660,000 home, drive a Range Rover and have a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Just the facts.

  11. It strikes me how angry you all are with regards to NCMI. The one person who defended Tyrone and Nicole was peaceful and didn’t attack. I have a lot of respect for you Judy Lampman.

    Say what you will about my character or person, but I love going to my NCMI church and I love that Jesus is first and foremost preached on a sunday. The people at my church are passionate and the elders are loving and strong. There will always be bad experiences in any aspect of one’s life but for those to be considered the norm? I don’t know how wise that is…

    1. If there are problems in a church and the leadership choose to address those problems, then the church has hope – but I have personally approached Tyrone Daniels about dealing with the problems out there and I was told by him that speaking to me “Is not his heart” whatever that is supposed to mean.

      Glad you have a nice church Rebecca – hope it stays that way. Pray for those that attend the bad ones and then do something about it instead of keeping the blinkers of. The book of Acts is called “Acts” for a reason – think about it

    2. Thank you so much. I am not about to argue or defend. I love the leaders of NCMI and see such integrity in their lives. It is so sad to me when we make sweeping generalizations when each of us is just trying to do our best to see His kingdom come to earth. Blessings to all who are reading this.

    3. Well don’t expect to be loved or even cared about if you dare leave their church. Their own family has had to endure this incredible hurt and dejection, blood and all! Just be ready for the ultimate write off, unless you financially support them, then you should be fine!

  12. I think “Acts” refers to the signs and wonders that accompanied the coming of the Holy Spirit. Not so sure about it in context of slandering other churches that in reality is not up to me to change.

    I don’t know if it is your place either to decree whter a ‘church has hope’. Surely we can accredit that to God and God alone.

    I am pretty sure that I cannot change your mind on this matter as you appear to have been pretty hurt by you situation and I do not intend to demean your experience at all. I just want to provide you with some insight as to my personal positive experience 🙂

    1. Actually – The full name is “Acts of the Apostles” – Not “Acts of the Holy Spirit”.

      As I said, glad you found a good church, but please don’t be blind to what is really happening.

      God Bless you for trying to bring positive view – I have never said all NCMI churches are bad, but there is a major problem.

      With that said Corinth was the most loved of the churches by Paul, but equally the most messed up. But I am sure Corinth’s leaders attempted to fix the problems

  13. Ah yes but the apostles were nothing without the Holy Spirit and these signs and wonders were never accredited to them but God. But we digress… 🙂

    Surely if I was blind to what was happening, I would not be even listening to what you have to say?

    Agreed with Corinth and I’ll ignore the speculation on your part 😉 for I’m sure you are correct in saying that the leaders attempted to fix the problem. But do you see my point when I say that perhaps they are trying to mend their wrongs (let’s allow them the beauty of being human and concede that they may in fact make a few mistakes here and there) but they may not feel the need to give a detailed breakdown of their plans! Surely they can’t spend all day defending themselves to anyone who calls them on theo phone? Maybe its just to me that it seems slightly too much to expect of a relatively new church.
    Secondly, please no offense, but who are you (or anyone for that matter) to claim they are in the wrong and demand they fix it in accordance to what you believe? Another stretch perhaps…

    Tyrone comes to my church about once a year to my church and every time he does, we see salvations and healings!

  14. Hi Rebecca

    Firstly a [person who puts themselves in a position of authority] – (this remains question who put who in authority – God or man within the NCMI church) should be accountable for their actions. The bible clear states that we are too correct our brother and in this case we have first-hand detail about the hurt that NCMI have caused many. You want to allow them “the beauty” of being human – well it’s the very “humanness” in elders and leaders that have taken sexual advantage of woman in NCMI churches – shall they still have the “beauty” of being “human”? It is the “human” urge for power that have caused them to walk in homes and remove woman from their husbands, to break up marriages, to determine who may marry who, to determine which person may serve under which ministry even when their heart are calling them elsewhere! But I tell you, the reason we have started this blog was because there is a lot wrong within the NCMI churches. Not all – but most.

    It’s not about whom we are, or even who you or Tyrone and his crew members are – it’s about how we have comprised ourselves, our God and our beliefs as Christians. Jesus would never have tolerated the behaviour and happening that we see today in our churches. And if you doubt this go back and read the life of Christ, Where was He? What did He do? What did He care about the most – his fancy Ipod or the orphaned child or prostitute? What did He preach – kingdom culture or power or did He tell us to care for His children, feed the hungry, and all this time Christ Himself remained humble and did without the luxuries of His time. What did He Drive (well drive in terms of their means of transport = a hint – a donkey not a Harley or fancy car)?

    We did not start this blog for people who blindly follow NCMI. People who see no fault with sexual abuse within the holy church of God – we started this blog for people who want God in the midst of the wrong in the church (ie: NCMI) with the hope that they will not turn their backs on God as many have done due to the hurt and actions of NCMI. And I thank God every day that He has been able to use us in this ministry and to many a light and hope, because we are not perfect but we stand by truth! GODS TRUTH!

  15. Hi hi (I’m sure you’re tiring of me),

    You simply chose to read more into my ‘beauty of being human’ statement. I am quite sure that you are aware that I was implying that it is inevitable that they make mistakes as they themselves are not God and nor do they claim to be.
    By no means have I ever or will I ever condone sexual abuse in leadership, but I ask you this: show me one religious movement, christian or otherwise, that a leader has not fallen into the trap of sin. We are still called to fight against the flesh even in leadership but the fact is that some fail. Perhaps this may be due to my youthful naivety but I refuse to stereotype leaders according to the mistakes of others. It is so easy to become embittered by the wrongs of others. Should I for example, hate on all men too, as they are the majority sex offenders and are called to lead by God. I don’t know…

    I utterly agree with you. If Jesus was to walk the earth today I think He would show us a completely different way of doing church. I think it is so darn easy for us to get caught up in masquerading ourselves to be these perfect christians instead of understanding the REALITY of being a christian. We are called to heal the sick, preach the gospel into all the nations and baptize them. How quickly we are distracted! I do not question you in this regard. But i also, I’m sure you agree, don’t think that God has called us to live lives whereby we forego any enjoyment of life and its little luxuries. Surely God does bless his children? whether it is with things like a Harley Davidson I cannot say. I simply don’t think its my place to judge what another does with his finances. God is the Judge.

    Another thing with the leaders, surely if God didn’t want someone in leadership then He simply would not give him that mantle of authority? I hope you believe that the sovreignity and power of God is far above the whims and desires of man!

    How quickly we can become wrapped up in our desire to please God and we so badly want others to have the same revelations as we do. As I said before I do not fault you in starting this blog. I am fascinated by your point of view and I hope I have shown you no respect in my responses.


  16. @JB, your reply to me is just loaded with cynicism dude. Really. I’m not being attacking here, I’m just pointing out what seems glaringly obvious to me. And the reason why I think it’s obvious is because cynicism is a personal battle of my own that I’ve had to deal with again and again. I’m very easily a cynic.

    In my earlier reply I said that there was a ‘larger’ reality, not a ‘higher’ reality. You assumed I was talking of a ‘higher’ or ‘more superior’ reality, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about the larger reality of relationships, which covers a great deal more than just facts and figures and statistics and knowledge and proof and behaviour. Relationships understand context, background, struggle, journey, love and a myriad of other dynamics which ‘simple facts’ cannot account for.

    This whole blog is pretty cynical, to be honest. I see it’s been mentioned that we shouldn’t be emotive in things but then I see Anon Writer put up pictures of starving children and an NCMI church, implying a whole lot of things about the heart of that said church’s leadership by juxtaposing it against starving children. That whole thing is pretty emotive if you ask me.

    Blessed are the cynics, for they shall never be happy.

  17. It’s a shame NCMI are so close to being a cult. I believe they got this way by accident. Just a little more lies, control and manipulation every year and they completely cut themselves off from the rest of the body of Christ. This is the very thing/behavior that drives people away and makes visitors not come back. If they let go of their controlling grip on peoples lives they wouldn’t need to give away iPads, more people would come to church and enjoy it.
    Unfortunately they are all patting each other on the back – working their way up to be on the “ultimate team” and consider any-one with a different opinion some-one who doesn’t “get it”.
    I totally “get it” I understand their thinking, but can also see it’s unhelpful, struggling, splitting, small and declining is the typical ncmi church. But they won’t wake up and smell the coffee.

  18. Ryan Peter,

    There is NOTHING emotive or cynical about starving children, its a fact, its a reality and its VERY clear that as Christians its what we are meant to be working towards – feeding them and protecting them… not building mega churches with the biggest screens and little trains going from one side to the other.

    That demonstration is not seeking your emotion (or frankly your approval) but showing you reality. I dont know what country you are from, but judging from your comment, you either a huge NCMI fan and wont fault the sick picture of materialism (which I personal feel there is a pattern as with our local churches and Tyrone with his great giveaways) or you are heartless and do not care about the thousands of not just hungry, BUT STRAVING CHILREN AND BABIES (starving to death) throughout Africa.

    I don’t sit and blog because of a vendetta, or bitterness, I blog because the church was not called to build mega churches and to go from LTT to LTT. The church was created for amongst many reasons to love, to look after widows and orphans. To feed the poor and to house the homeless, to love the unloved and to help the sinners. You known in the work we do (and I am going off subject a little here) we see so many Christians turn from those in need. We see Christians look done upon a street kid (children – some as young as 5 years old) in his comfortable car and then he drives off whilst eating Macdonald’s, would it be a sacrifice to give the street kid (who most likely has not eaten for days) your burger, but they wont. What about supporting charities or ministries that feed the poor, or help pregnant woman, or save babies left on the side of the road to die? Would it be a huge sacrifice for a Christian to donate R10.00 / $1.00 a month? But they wont. And we sit back with broken hearts looking at what humanity has become with Christians being the worst and most selfish. And one thing keeps coming to mind, JESUS GAVE IT ALL, man oh man. How pity we are! HE gave us everything of himself for us selfish, unless beings.

    So back to the topic at hand. Its not about playing with emotion (and I can tell you brother – you took it very out of context – NCMI create hype, they create emotion and stir, not natural, but man made. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, watch the next Benni Hinn show and watch how he creates those emotions. )

    That picture (the one you refer to) is more about our responsibility as humans, as pieces of dirt, washed and saved by the blood of Christ, from that very day when HE GAVE IT ALL!

  19. Having come out of a very controlling, manipulative and emotionally-draining NCMI church some years ago, I can relate to a lot of these stories and experiences.

    The one thing I point out to my friends in NCMI is the common thread running through ALL the stories being related by people – ALL stories and experiences have the SAME issues and are in NCMI churches ALL AROUND the world!

    People, unrelated to each other, on opposite sides of the globe, are all experiencing the SAME issues with leadership and church structure under the banner of NCMI. You HAVE to admit that something is going on…. something is not right! Surely, the proof is there in big lumps of painful reality!!

    I have a story to tell you that will make your hair stand on end but, for time, I won’t bother right now. My wife and I suffered terribly in an NCMI church, trying to be there and do the right thing for the ‘almighty elder’ on his mission to change the world… and now, church is the last place we want to be! We jumped through all the hoops, ticked all the right boxes, led in every capacity we could, served and supported the church so much so we hardly saw our non-Christian family and, even more, we never even made friends outside of the ‘church’ life… disgusting!

    The more people we talk to about their experiences in NCMI, the more I see the same problems raised and that, to me, is more than enough evidence that NCMI needs to wake up and see what is going on. It seems like no-one is afforded the right or the freedom to question authority or to even ASK questions…. there is no freedom in NCMI churches anymore. I have family members that attend an NCMI church in Johannesburg and I can see the nonsense that gets preached to them every Sunday and the pressure they are put under to perform, to conform, to submit without question and to be BUSY BUSY BUSY with the ‘vision and values’ of the church… they are so tired by ‘church life’ it’s pathetic!

    I agree, there are some good NCMI churches out there, but they’re only as good as the people that lead them. And I still say something is not right in the global state of NCMI and that is why people are leaving and even churches are no longer relating because they can see the hurt, the pain, the control and manipulation that the ‘apostolic team’ are inflicting upon people in the name of Jesus.

    Come on guys, wake up and do something!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi TryingToLetGo. Thanks for the testimony, I would love to hear more and contact you privately, but I fear that the email you gave is not real. Let me know if it is or not and when you comment again, include your real email so you can get notifications of replies. I promise that I am the only one to see it 🙂

      God bless you for posting here.

  20. I’ve been outside of the church system for just over a year now, and having the time of my life! Here’s a message I wrote a while ago about the lie of having to be “accountable” to the leaders of a local church somewhere:

    Here’s a message about church leadership:

    And lastly, how can we say that we “go to church or that we “attend church” when in fact WE ARE the church?

    Keep staying free!!
    In Grace
    Andre van der Merwe

  21. I personally was saved under Dudley Daniel’s Ministry 17 years ago. I have met and spent time with both Tryone and J.D.,his sons. I spent 15 years in two different large NCMI churches. I love many of the people on the Apostolic teams who I have personally met and conversed with….they are people who love God. Two years ago the leader of the church I was in decided that ,as a church, we were going to try to start ‘relating’ to people outside of NCMI. I won’t go into the details of this journey, suffice to say it was rather shocking.We were informed that we were no longer considered to be an NCMI church. I am greatful for my years in an NCMI relating church. HOWEVER, since we have come out from under the covering of NCMI our church is blossoming. For the first time in 13 years our church is feeding the poor and helping the homeless. People are turning to Jesus. The body of Christ is finally reaching their neighbours…not because we were told to, but because people have once again fallen in love with Jesus….and out of love with ‘Team’. Our leaders are now what I affectionately call “anti-leaders’…that is they blend in with the rest of the church. In fact, visitors very often have to ask who the leaders are. Shockingly the church still has direction. amazingly people are being lead. The leaders don’t live beyond their means. They personally make food for new moms. And babysit for single parents; help people move etc…they are humble. and yet….they are who I look to for guidence.They are intellegent and educated. I follow their lead without being expected to do so. I LOVE THEM. For the first time since I was saved I am living the Gospel. Thank you God. I feel Like I’ve woken up with a start… having not taken a deep breath for a long time…and now my lungs are filling and emptying as they should be. I pray for Tyrone. I trust God will be glorified through his ministry. I also pray for protection over the people in NCMI churches….that religion will not choke the LIFE out of them. If one has truely had an encounter with the Grace of God then surely you can afford that same grace to the leaders of NCMI. Lets not cast stones… and,at the same time, lets not have the proverbial wool pulled over our eyes. How do we do that? PRAY….pray for those who have hurt us. pray for those ahead of us. pray for those coming behind us.

    1. Wow! What church do you go to? I want to come to you guys! You have spoken such truth here that so many of my friends who are still in NCMI will not see…!

  22. Mark Neumann
    You have no idea how I would love to have my say, but this is one of those areas I am trying to grow in. We need to be great men, not ordinary men. Great men absorb the pain of others, ordinary men retaliate. Tyrone is a great man and I am so delighted to say that when He opens his mouth he speaks about our King Jesus and His Kingdom. God has called men to lead and others to follow. I will happily follow a man who follows Jesus and has learnt how to build a foundation with the bricks people throw at Him. God help me to speak and treat people the way I would want to be spoken of and treated, especially when I mess up. The sound of Grace is the rock hitting the floor, not the sound of the rock hitting the flesh of the woman caught in the act of adultery.

    I make that choice today, come now ladies and gents, for the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior, lets hear the sound of grace. We are all going to give an account one day of the things done in the flesh, so let God be the judge.

    I make no claim to be a prophet or teacher or anything else, just a simple man, maried to a wonderfull wife with two great kids leading an awsome church (Solid Ground Church) with the help of a stunning leadership team and by choice relating to NCMI who have been nothing but a blessing to us for the past 18 years.
    Character is formed during times of pain, disappointment, rejection, critisism etc.

    I have had my fair share of critisism, slander and verbal abuse and I felt sick. I almost wanted to step out of ministry when God helped me to understand that it is not all about me and that my focus on Jesus will produce good fruit. I have voiced my opinion about people puplically and have felt just as sick when I realised that I was not really trying to help others, but rather vomiting on others so that I could feel better. I have got so much to learn and am so greatfull to God for loving me the way He does.

    Before we put things on the web, face book, twitter, blogs etc, think about this…If God gives us a change of heart about the things we put out there for the world to see, how do we stop people from reading our errors if we made any? Lets think about what we say.

    To all you Christ followers…
    This is me signing off, not wanting a debate but wanting to make our eternity spent together less awkward. (Just kidding, we will all get along one day, no awkward moments in heaven i’m sure) Let’s have a bit of heaven here on earth.

    All this from a man who has got so much to learn.
    I am reading a great book by R.T Kendall at the moment. JUST LOVE (The christian’s radical answer to life’s problems)
    Help me Jesus.
    See ya.

  23. Hi I just wonder why the owner of this blog thinks he has the right to expect ppl he criticises to talk to him? Who appointed him over others? the founder of ncmi always said that “authority is always invited” in the Kingdom. u have not been invited. This doesnt mean any of us r above accountability but rather we are accountable to ppl we r in relationship with. I also know Tyrone and Russ and Mary personally. They are great ppl. I have been involved in Ncmi for 15 years and overall I love Ncmi values and culture.

    1. I was invited brother. I was invited into the House. I was hurt, judged and outcast because I chose a relationship with Christ. Besides that I believe that when you are in conflict you should follow the Word (see: Matthew 18:15-17)
      That verse is clear. If you have a problem, speak to them. I am sure that there should be an answer involved.

      1. Hi again. If Matthew 18 is the biblical pattern why r u discussing it with the whole world here? If u feel the other party is stonewalling you does it give you the right to go public ?

        Ncmi has over 17000 churches relating (last I heard) u r gunna find critical ppl. Even if u were 100% right u are still going to have to forgive.

        The ppl I know personally would NEVER mistreat someone for wanting a relationship with Christ (orctgeceirfs u chose. Can’t see them as I type)

        Bible says as far as possible for us we must work to be at peace with all men. U don’t go public if the other party doesn’t comply to what u want

        Seem u think u have a right or calling to correct ncmi and Tyrone etc butcarvyhe end if the day, despite what anyone thinks about Harley’s at Easter, it is just an opinion on a side issue. Would u have free food after a church event And hope ppl come to hear the gospel? In principle it’s similar.

        Let it go God will sort it out.

  24. 17,000 relating churches? Name them. Probably more
    Ike 170. Why people continue to say such stupid things is beyond me. NCMI is for people who will toss out commonsense and believe any old thing when some bully tells its so.

  25. I don’t know any facts about the allegations against NMCI, but one thing for sure is that the devil is the acuser of the brethren. The accusations are destructive and malicious! There are clearly a lot of disgruntled believers and unbelievers, power hungry and devisive people who go out of their way to hurt others. If this NCMI is guilty of anything accused of, may we put it in God’s hands and let thoser relating churches and people decide for themselves. Paul and Peter were constantly accused by those who claimed to be smarter, holier. This is as old as the Bible. Ever asked yourself why this has always been a christianity problem, you never see it with other religious groups, the blaming and finger pointing? We need indivisual introspection, the spirit of division is the tool of the enemy!!!

    1. I don’t know any facts about the allegations against NMCI

      I interested as to how you found our website? Are you thinking about joining an NCMI relating church?

      but one thing for sure is that the devil is the acuser of the brethren

      That is very out of context, you know it is

      The accusations are destructive and malicious! There are clearly a lot of disgruntled believers and unbelievers, power hungry and devisive people who go out of their way to hurt others

      There is a fair amount of anger, but Power Hungry? No-one is trying to be divisive. Personally, even with all my dislike for NCMI, I do not wish them to stop being. The world needs churches! NCMI however have proven to be divisive insomuch that many of the churches they court end up splitting after some form of false apostolic intervention in its running’s (or lack of). No one wants to hurt anyone, simply this blog acts as a warning, or a counter-balance as the face of NCMI given to the world is not 100% what it is behind closed doors.

      If this NCMI is guilty of anything accused of, may we put it in God’s hands and let thoser relating churches and people decide for themselves.

      I related to the church. I decided to un-relate. I find it strange that you used the word relate in this context, you sure you know nothing of NCMI?

      Paul and Peter were constantly accused by those who claimed to be smarter, holier. This is as old as the Bible.

      Paul also rebuked Peter. Do you truly believe that it is biblical to ignore heresy, hurtful practices and falsehoods? The bible is clear:

      • Luke 17:3 – If your brother sins, rebuke him (cf. Matthew 18:15).
      • Ephesians 5:11 – Do not have fellowship with sin, but reprove it.
      • 2 Timothy 2:24-26 – The Lord’s servant must correct those who have been taken captive by the Devil.
      • 2 Timothy 4:2-4 – Preaching the word requires us to “reprove and rebuke”

      Ever asked yourself why this has always been a christianity problem, you never see it with other religious groups, the blaming and finger pointing? We need individual introspection, the spirit of division is the tool of the enemy!!!

      Have you watched the news lately? Shi’a and Sunni Muslims are killing each other almost daily, Im not killing anyone

      I have not done everything right. I have been angry at times when writing this blog. You presume I consider NCMI leadership to be my brethren as so yo pointed out in your Revelation verse. You presume there is not biblical basis for rebuke, you presume that we should ignore the problem. I disagree with you on many levels.

      I have love for a great many NCMI adherents. I work with them daily in my work. They are not the enemy, the system their leaders have created is.

    2. NCMI needs and requires obedient deniers like you Bongs, I suspect you are or will be on eldership with an obedient, defender of NCMI like stance, no matter what has occurred. We need to be discerning Christians. There is so much in the bible about the flock respecting the elders and the elders and christians being ACCOUNTABLE to each other in all areas of life. Finances, morals, christian living, charity etc.

  26. Here’s the thing about accountability, before the Internet there really was none, you just need a few corrupt people to hide all kinds of crimes. Nowdays every business, church, school and even governments can now be held accountable for their actions. Smart phones means you can be taped and put on YouTube. Things you say and do can be quoted and discussed on Internet forums. This actually helps keep people honest.
    When your lies catch up to you, it wasn’t the devil, it was you. When you are found to be dishonest with money, it’s not because awful people are trying to destroy the church. It’s because you were dishonest with money! When you were manipulative and controlling to people and you will get backlash and people comparing stories. This is not gossiping, its just normal and should be expected when you behave this way. You reap what you sow.
    NCMI leaders were not able to keep each other accountable, but the Internet can. And sites like these will make NCMI a better place because Elders wil now know they can’t do dodgy stuff any more and it will make the church a better place. It’s all good 🙂

    It even makes life better for Elders, as now they can’t be manipulated by other elders or team members to do something they know would be wrong. Preserve your integrity and do the right thing, or you might find stuff about you on the Internet.

    Bongers, to put it in super spiritual terms for you to understand. This is not Caused by a spirit of disunity but the beginnings of a return to holiness.
    Stop leaving things to God and blaming spirits and devils and other people, act now for yourself, start doing the right thing today 🙂


    “Do not peddle God’s word for a profit.”

    NCF, our city’s largest and possibly wealthiest megachurch, has hosted throngs of Angus Buchan enthusiasts, at Harry Gwala stadium on Sunday for a paltry R15 per head. Of course, with a full house of over 20 000 people that amounts to roughly R300 000. Not bad for an afternoon’s preaching, even if you take expenses into account. If they wanted to limit crowds, was there no other means of doing so, instead of charging them? The question that I have for Mr Buchan and NCF is – Since when is it acceptable to charge to preach God’s word? Did our Lord Jesus do that, did any of his disciples do that? NCF has hosted a wide range of Christian celebrities and events over the years, and inevitably, exceptions may be noted, charges people to attend. This is an age old symptom of churches that peddle God’s word for a profit.

    Mr Buchan has a thriving commercial ministry, with his books, dvd’s, movies, conferences, TBN programmes, etc. I was once quite amused when a Christian book store at the mall had a life size, stand up card board picture of him, for the promotion of one of his books in the afterglow of the Mighty Men’s conference’s. Of course, many will come to his defence saying that they want to see and hear him, and don’t mind parting with their hard earned money to do so. Fair enough, but does the Word which he claims to live by, actually permit him to do so. Is godliness a means to financial gain for him? Is he possibly stealing glory from our Lord Jesus? Is it okay for us, as Christians, to place a man on a pedestal, in the landscape of commercial Christianity? Important questions to ask in examining ourselves and testing our faith. Let us keep ourselves free from idols.

    NCF, and other mega churches in our city, form part of a world-wide phenomenon of bigger, better church buildings and facilities and, undoubtedly, faith by numbers. Numbers are a big factor as it allows megachurches to prosper. Without mega money, mega churches would not be able to market themselves through the various media outlets, maintain mega staff salaries and church activities and overheads, and marketing a mega brand like NCF. So why do people give their hard earned money to a religious machine that is never satisfied and constantly cries out for more. NCF teaches them to believe in Tithes and Offerings, an old testament principle in accordance with the law of Moses, not a new testament principle by the blood of our Lord Jesus. Ironically, NCF stands for New Covenant Fellowship, but adheres to old testament principles such as temple worship(church buildings), Levitical priesthood(their pastors/elders) and the cornerstone of institutional churches – tithes and offerings.

    In a time of economic struggles in our city, do these churches make sense, especially in areas like Northdale, Edendale, Ixopo, Eastwood, Bisley etc. where the poor are duped by their pastors/elders to finance church buildings, state of the art audio visual equipment, cars, houses and international preaching circuits, which are really just glorified holidays, and generally very comfy lifestyles for their leaders, while the average member of their congregation is living in poverty.

    Incidentally, NCF subscribes to NCMI, a very successful franchise model of church, which has over 30 000 churches in over 100 countries. They all contribute to a ministry fund – a global bank account of sorts, the exact operation of which is in the hands of a few enlightened individuals. It was founded by Dudley Daniels in this city, some 30 years ago, and is currently run by his son Tyrone. Mr Daniels snr., a certified pastorpreneur, left our country when the white ruling party lost power. Whites had a God given right to rule this country, according to him, until God changed His mind, of course. He emigrated to safer and greener pastures in Australia, to run his global corporation, of the church planting business. This was confirmed through some of Dudley’s old acquaintances at NCF. Well, Mr Daniels, we as Christians are proudly South African, whether we are black or white, irrespective of our jaded past. We put the past behind us and press on towards the goal. We were not born in SA by Chance, it was by the will of the living God. Hope you’re enjoying your stay Down Under, and please watch out for the boomerang. Please convey same to your sons, from which ever part of the world, they may be ruling from.

    For those who are serious about God, please do not buy into their popular Christian rhetoric, about how you rob God if you do not tithe. Or about how important it is to have a big fancy church, or how important it is to obey and honour your pastor/institutional church financially. In fact church is merely a fellowship of believers, and can occur anywhere, anyhow and anytime, without need for a building called a church, religious systems or money. Read God’s word for yourselves and Follow Him, be a noble Berean, come out of Babylon, and be set free in Christ. It was for freedom that Christ set us free, stand firm then, and do not allow yourselves to be burdened again by the yoke of slavery.

  28. Sameer, how can there be 30,000 churches in over 100 countries?

    Surely it’s more like; Australiasia <20, Europe <20, the Americas <20, Asia <20. That's 80 churches in the rest of the world. (max. i know there is not that many in some regions.) Are there 29,020 in Africa?

    I remember asking this question of a team member. I was told in Africa hundred of new churches join daily,

    It's not believable, what kind of people make these claims? How is 29,000 churches in Africa and a handful of expat churches around the world a worldwide movement? Almost all of the "worldwide" churches have south African leaders. That makes them a South African movement IMO.

    I just think the 30,000 number is a gross exageration. If someone can prove and explain to me otherwise, please do.

    1. Anon,

      I am not sure what the accurate figures are but there are over 15 (maybe more) in my small town of Pietermaritzburg. They properly serve more that 50% of the Christians in the town. I think that the figures that you provided are those of the apostolic teams, not the churches. Not every church has an apostle, in fact most don’t.

      A while ago, I did chart, which is proberly very outdated.

      NCMI is an African movement. based on the amount of Apostles dedicated to it

  29. Nice graph, I’m guessing that’s apostles.

    My figures are vague guesses having lived in 2 regions and visited a couple of others. (In some regions many of the churches left after your graph was made.) Even if I am way off and there are 50 churches in each region. That’s only 200 churches. How do they come up with 30,000? Think about it, it’s crazy. What if there are 100 churches in each region, so 400 churches worldwide – still leaves 29,000 in Africa.

    In smaller regions there were several “team members” coming from one church. Or a region of 5 churches and 3 churches have a person on team (they were all South African).

    In my city I would guess most of the churches I knew of had leaders who were on team. Probably half? And the big churches had more than one couple on team.

    I questioned this 30,000 number a few times, once when i asked to see the list I was told that NCMI are too humble to keep a list. hehehe

    What do you think, are there 29,000 NCMI churches in Africa? Perhaps there are, I don’t know.

  30. I checked on the “wayback machine internet archive” site and in 2008 the Australia/Asia team had 20 members. 5 from one church (Coastlands) and 3 from Singapore. A city that had at that time around 3 or 4 very small churches. The others were all spread out.

    I don’t particular care how they put together teams, I’m just questioning 30,000 churches worldwide.

  31. Hi Anon,

    According to the website they are in 80 countries, but they give no official no. of churches worldwide.
    According to there are 33 000 churches world wide.
    These nos. may be exagerated for the purpose of winning new NCMI devotees and flaunting their megachurch powerhouse status, but nonetheless, we must be diligent watchmen in informing those that are trapped in the sysem that they are battered sheep under the authority of wicked shepherds. They need to overcome their fears of these false apostles and deceitful workmen and leave Babylon.

    1. It doesn’t say they are in 80 countries at all. It says that they are working into 80 countries. This quote is from a relating church. ” They are currently working into over 80 different countries, and there are churches in many of these nations that are voluntarily linked with NCMI as a trans-local, Apostolic/Prophetic team.”

      There are churches in MANY of the 80 countries, my guess… about 20. 20 is “many” right. It’s pathetic and misleading sales talk.

      At this point I really have to wonder what Tyrone’s IQ is. How can you be so foolish as to lie on your own websites front page?

      1. Brother just the same lies as Living Hope Church in Washington State. They say over 5000 per weekend. LIES they just hired JD Tyrone Brother so what does that tell ya brother. Corruption , Affairs, Drinking and large paychecks. Keep sending in your hard earned money brother

      2. I would love to hear from you on your experiences as I’m trying to get as many facts as possible. If you would be willing to email me what you know, firsthand, I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

  32. This is an article that appeared in Charisma magazine, that is so relevant to the NCF and the Angus Buchan fiasco:

    When Rock-Star Preachers Spew a False Gospel

    When preachers tour like rock stars, it’s no wonder sinners flock to stadiums. Of course, preachers holding stadium-sized events packed out with lost souls is awesome—unless those preachers present a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel that’s giving the assurance of heaven while sending people to hell.
    I am convinced that too many people who claim to be Christ-followers are not really saved because some false teachers and false prophets are propagating a “different gospel” centered on “another Jesus” (see 2 Cor. 11:3-4). I am convinced that many self-professing saints are going to sit right next to sinners in hell when it’s all said and done—thanks, in part, to rock-star preachers presenting a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel.
    Especially in America, it’s easy to say, “I believe in Jesus.” It’s called mental assent. I believed in Jesus before I got saved, too, but I was still on my way to hell. Many who have “accepted Jesus into their hearts” have responded to a “different gospel” centered on a false Christ. What does these gospels espouse? These gospels are mixed with compromise. These gospels are impure and defiled religion. These gospels offers a humanistic, self-help message that taps New Age principles. Indeed, these false teachers and false prophets are moving in a false anointing and presenting a false Christ. And it’s deadly.
    Perverting the Gospel of Christ
    This is not a new problem. More than 2,000 years ago, Paul wrote, “But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted—you may well put up with it!” (2 Cor. 11:3-4, emphasis added)
    Church, why are we putting up with this false gospel? Why are we spending millions of dollars on books filled with heresy penned by false teachers? Why are people flocking to stadiums to worship another Jesus?
    They have been deceived by the serpent’s craftiness. Their minds have been corrupted from the simplicity of Christ. The gospel is not difficult to understand, and it’s not difficult to recognize false doctrine if you are a student of the Word. But members of the lukewarm, apathetic, bless-me-only church are too lazy to open their Bibles and read Scripture for themselves. Members of the lukewarm, apathetic, bless-me-only church want to be spoon-fed a feel-good 20-minute sermonette rather than be challenged to die to self, pick up their cross and walk the narrow road. They’ve turned away from the real Jesus to another Jesus. Paul felt the same angst in his spirit that I feel in mine.
    “I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed” (Gal. 1:6-9, emphasis added).
    Fables and Fairy Tales
    I’m also marveling at the masses that are paying to hear a different gospel, a perverted gospel—a gospel that will send them to hell if they embrace its doctrines. What are these gospels? Some of those “gospels” insist there is no hell. Some of those “gospels” say we’re all going to heaven in the end. Some of those “gospels” give you a license to sin without penalty (hyper-grace). False teachers are using familiar Scriptures to justify their stance, but they’ve essentially turned the Bible into a book of fables and fairy tales.
    I don’t care who doesn’t like it. I’m taking the apostle Paul’s advice: “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables” (2 Tim. 4:2-4).
    When the Lord called me into ministry, he gave me parallel Scriptures out of Ezekiel 3 and Ezekiel 33. I’m a watchman called to warn the church. If I don’t open my mouth and people die in their iniquity—in their different gospel from another Jesus—some of the blood will be on my hands (Ezek. 3:17-19). I don’t want any blood on my hands, and I’m not going to shut up just because the false teachers—or anybody else—doesn’t like it.
    Does He Know You?
    Here’s the rub. Jesus is come back to separate the sheep from the goats (Matt. 25:32). And I’m seeing too many goats sitting in the church saying amen to a false gospel centered on a false Christ.
    Jesus put it this way: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” (Matt. 7:21-23)
    They never knew Jesus, and Jesus never knew them. They were following another Jesus based on a different gospel that was more convenient to their humanistic lifestyle, tickled their ears and promised peace when there is no peace (Jer. 6:14).
    I shudder to think of the horror on that day, when masses who rushed to the stadiums and megachurches to hear rock-star preachers (or even no-name preachers in small congregations; it’s not about the size of the event, it’s about the message being preached) present a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel realize they’ve been duped. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And there will be suffering for eternity. God forbid. Let us pray that these false teachers and false prophets will be exposed and that discernment will rise among believers and non-believers searching for the true hope of the real gospel. Amen.

  33. Something that NCF and NCMI members need to be aware of.

    How to Spot a Pastor or Priest Stealing Church Funds

    Does your church disclose its budget on a regular basis and allow its members to vote on how the money is spent?
    One of the dirty secrets of Christianity is that there are numerous crooked pastors, priests and church financial secretaries embezzling funds. The International Bulletin of Missionary Research projected that $37 billion would be stolen by Christian religious leaders in 2013 and this fraud will reach $60 billion annually by 2025.
    Here are four possible signs that money is being embezzled by religious leaders.
    1. The pastor or priest lives an extravagent lifestyle.
    2. The church leader regularly fails to turn in receipts when using the church or ministry credit card.
    3. The church sends you a receipt for donations and the amount listed doesn’t match your own records of what you have given. (Anonymously given cash offerings will not be tracked.)
    4. The church suddenly starts showing large unexplained debts.
    I’ve compiled this list of warning signs from numerous church fraud cases and future articles will describe how these thefts took place and how religious leaders attempted to cover up their crimes
    Churches have done very little to confront the problem of insider theft unlike large retail businesses. Companies like Office Depot and Staples have theft prevention professionals that advise store managers on theft issues and conduct internal investigations when employees are suspected of theft of merchandise.
    Denominations could hire investigators to assist churches with fraud problems and whisteblowers would need to be protected for revealing fraud.
    Occasionally proactive church members will start questioning church leadership and uncover this fraud.

  34. Jesus called His followers to be servants. But in today’s flashy church scene, some leaders have become superstars.
    There is a disease sweeping through the body of Christ. It’s an infectious sickness I call “the man of God syndrome” or “the celebrity syndrome.” It rears its ugly head in the form of self-adulation and self-promotion. Thankfully, the Bible offers the antidote.
    In our politically minded, vote-conscious world, we think we are in control of who gets raised up. But the Bible says the opposite: “Exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the Judge: He puts down one, and exalts another” (Ps. 75:6-7, NKJV).
    In Daniel 2:21 we read, “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings.” God is plainly telling us we are not in charge!
    What does this have to do with the man-of-God syndrome? Everything.
    A “syndrome” is a group of symptoms that characterize a particular abnormality. The man-of-God syndrome describes people who “think more highly than they ought” of their positions in the body of Christ.
    These arrogant individuals are enamored by their perceived value. Unlike Jesus who made Himself of no reputation, they spend their lives making sure everyone knows their reputation.
    This deadly disease affects the body of Christ worldwide. It’s in every congregation, denomination and church movement around the planet. Leaders are stuck on themselves.
    Here’s a word of caution to my fellow clergy. If you’re a minister who’s rising in prominence and you begin to feel as if you’re somebody, get on your face before the Lord. Weep tears of repentance and say to the Lord: “Naked I came into this world and naked I will return. Anything I have or have accomplished is because You have given me breath” (see Job 1:21).
    Remember Herod’s fate when he began believing the praise of the crowd? He died and was eaten by worms (see Acts 12:20-23). I’d rather be a worm than be eaten by them.
    You see, it’s not by heredity. It’s not by the orders of men. It’s not by politics and elections. It’s not by natural succession. Nor is it by conquest and war that we get elevated in life. It’s by God.
    Celebrity Mind-Set
    When individuals infected with the deadly celebrity syndrome enter a room, they expect others to recognize their presence and pay homage. They desire front-row or platform seats and are visibly disturbed when not given the red-carpet treatment they desire.
    They feel they must speak even when not called upon simply because they believe everyone present will live in the dark without their superior knowledge. These individuals have risen above doing menial tasks around the church such as cleaning toilets, picking up garbage and tending infants in the nursery. They no longer stoop that low because now they are “somebody.”
    They even find it beneath themselves to spend time with a church member who is not at their socio-economic or spiritual level. The sad truth is, they avoid the very people who have elevated them to their position in the ministry.
    Leaders who have been infected with this disease no longer associate with common, ordinary people. They claim: “Time just doesn’t permit me to spend time with you. I’m so busy.” But they seem to have plenty of time to rub shoulders, play golf and sip tea with a more prestigious crowd.
    Ministers with this syndrome no longer spend time in the foyer shaking hands with congregants. They claim the church has gotten too large. Yet they have time to shake hands and dine with the elite. I call these people “white-collar clergy.”
    I’m not attempting to sway the mass of ministers who, in their own minds, have risen to such high levels. They would attack me with Scripture and vilify me for speaking against their “well-deserved” positions. I’d rather spend my time preventing the present generation from going down that path.
    Young men and women who desire to enter the ministry are witnessing a warped concept of true ministry. And many outside the church have become repulsed by today’s Christian leaders.

    Full article:

  35. Members of NCF and NCMI, please look with the eyes of your heart.

    Ways to Determine If a Pastor Is Spiritually Healthy
    by Mike Fehlauer

    Pastors who are walking in their God-given authority are gifts from Jesus to encourage spiritual development. They can be wonderful spiritual parents. But how do we determine if they are healthy before we submit ourselves to them?

    Here are seven characteristics based on 1 Peter 5:1-4 to look for:

    1. A healthy pastor fulfills all the responsibilities of a good shepherd–feeding, guiding, guarding and protecting the flock.
    2. A healthy pastor acts as an overseer, providing mature spiritual oversight within the local church. He helps to create a spiritual climate that will encourage the people in their relationships with God.
    3. A healthy pastor shepherds the people willingly, not out of compulsion.
    4. A healthy pastor has no desire for dishonest gain. He is not driven by a love of money and does not see people as simply a financial resource.
    5. A healthy pastor refrains from using his position of spiritual authority to exercise dominion over the people in his congregation. His attitude toward them is one of servanthood–not dominance.
    6. A healthy pastor knows that the people belong to God and that he is merely a steward, chosen by God to love, lead and represent Him.
    7. A healthy pastor is an example of Christlikeness to the congregation. He lives a transparent life devoid of secrets and hidden agendas.

  36. For those who are open minded and consider there is life after NCF and NCMI, please think outside of the box of your church DNA renew your minds in Christ.

    The Last Exodus
    by Chip Brogden at
    Many people are beginning to see the truth. They are beginning to see that there is a called-out remnant of people – a “Church in the Wilderness” that God is separating and calling out of Organized Religion.

    And this is not a mere reaction to being hurt, or rejected, or just being rebellious. It is actually the fulfillment of a prophetic sequence of events that has already been established in the Scriptures and in the history of the nation of Israel. It is the final calling out of a remnant of Overcomers who will bear the Testimony of Jesus and stand for the preeminence of Christ in all things as we prepare for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the inevitable judgment upon those who claim to represent Him, but do not.

    These Overcomers have been called by God to forsake “Churchianity” – not to forsake the joining and assembling of the members of Christ’s Body, but to forsake the hypocrisy of the religious spirits that masquerade as the Holy Spirit. They are not forsaking the people of God, they are forsaking the counterfeit, hypocritical worship of God that Jesus Himself condemned as “vain worship” – it does not meet the Lord’s Need or satisfy God’s heart. They have rejected a religious system that is led by blind leaders of the blind. They are simply following the command of Jesus to “leave them alone” (Mt. 15:14).

    Other men and women of God have seen these things in the past, but many would not speak of them openly and freely. They would only go so far and in many cases they were still very much a part of the religious system, still trying to reform it or calling it to repent. Someone like A. W. Tozer, who was a prophetic voice to his generation, yet still operated as a pastor within the religious system. That may have been acceptable in that generation, and in that season.

    But we are in a different season now. The spirit of Religion is worse, darker, and more deceptive than ever. The days when you could be a part of that system and try to speak against it are over. Many men and women of God saw the truth about Churchianity but still tried to maintain fellowship, ties, or rapport with it in hopes of changing it. Often they preached the preeminence of Christ, but they did not make it clear what that leads to: a repudiation of everything that does not give Christ the preeminence, and in particular, those things that are said and done in the Name of Jesus but have nothing to do with Jesus. Perhaps that was acceptable in their generation, and maybe it was permissible to let people fill in the blanks and come to their own conclusions.

    But this generation is different. What could be left unsaid in times past now needs to be made crystal clear. If you follow this revelation of Christ to its ultimate conclusion, and if you truly desire to give Him preeminence in all things, then you will eventually find that you have nothing in common with the religious system that man has created in His Name.

    The Cloud has moved on, and if we want to live, we had better follow the Cloud. You cannot have one foot in and one foot out. You cannot go back to Egypt or get comfortable in Babylon. You cannot stop and camp out with the latest truth, when God has called you to live outside the camp. He is always leading us on.

    Thank God for the men and women of times gone by who were obedient to the truth and spoke as much or as little as God would have them say. But we are now witnessing something that we have not witnessed in previous generations. What is the Holy Spirit speaking to us today? How is God leading us now? What is the present truth for our generation? And are we willing to follow the truth all the way to its unavoidable conclusion, no matter what it costs us in terms of reputation, comfort, acceptance, position, or fellowship with Churchianity?
    Please visit the website and listen with an open heart.
    For those who want to leave, you are not alone. Nothing to feel guilty about, no need to be afraid. Ask your Father – He will answer you.

      1. Feel free to email me – I was a member in their church from the time Tyrone handed it over to JD and ReAnn – happy to clarify any questions you may have. But one thing is a fact – he did have an affair

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