A fall from grace

I would like to start this post out by showing you some lyrics. The first will be Christian and the second will be secular.

The Christian
Katy HudsonYou could throw me in the fire
And I won’t be burned

For my faith is Your desire
And Your love endures

You could throw me in the prison cell
Shackle me up against the rail
But time and time again
My faith won’t

The Secular:
katy-perryThis was never the way I planned,
not my
I g
ot so brave, drink in hand,
lost my dis
It’s not what I’m used to,
just want to try yo
u on.
I’m curious, for you,
caught my attention.

I kissed a girl,
and I liked it.
The taste of her cherry chapstick.
I kissed a girl,
Just to try it.
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.

It felt so wrong,
It felt so right.
Don’t mean I’m in love tonight.

The first is by woman called Katy Hudson and the second is by a woman called Katy Perry. The catch: they are the same person. Yes that is right, Katy used to be a Christian song writer before she made the big time singing a song that I believe to be very immoral.
What could cause someone to fall from grace so hard? I looked her up on Wikipedia, and it says she grew up with a pastor for a father and he forbid her to listen to Secular music. This does not necessarily mean she grew up under spiritual abuse, but seeing as she is now in the place that she is; would this not be a reasonable presumption?
I would be interested in hearing more about Katy’s religious experience from anyone that has information, please leave a comment if you know anything.


  1. Dear “concerned”

    I have read quite a few of your posts over the last few days. There is a lot of sound theology in what you write.

    However, your anti-NCMI sentiment leads me to believe, that in some way you have been hurt, and are battling with unforgiveness in some form or manner.

    Forgiveness is the very basis of our faith, it is central to what we, as Christians believe.

    There is no doubt in my mind that you love the Lord, and it seems such a tragedy that you have to hide behind the non de plume “concerned”. The Lord knows you, and has called you by name. Furthermore, you have been called to live in freedom, and by this, to be free from unforgiveness.

    I would be happy to meet with you and chat with you over coffee when you are free.

    my email addy is craig@hart.co.za

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    God Bless you richly.


    1. Hi Craig,
      I have made my name known here, it is [Edited out because of threats]. I believe that the Lord has put me in a very special position to speak out. I have forgiven and am friends with many NCMI congregants. Even some in leadership. I will not however be silent about what I know.

  2. Katy Perry’s choices are her’s and her’s alone. I find it disturbing that so many people even care that she used to be a christian. What people don’t realize is that when you have religion crammed down your throat in every aspect of your life (like I did and I’m sure she did as well), you beguin to want nothing to do with it. Ever hear of ‘to much of a good thing can be bad for you’?
    What path you take in your adult life should be your sole decision, if you don’t like other people’s decisions, then turn the other cheek. You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind, you only create frustration for youself and those who have opposing beliefs. Please remember that and be curtious of other feeling. How would you like it if I said that Christianity was the wrong way for ANYONE to live???
    Nichole, 16, musician and artist.

  3. What would you call, “I believe to be very immoral”? Because what I got from it was an attack. Just because someone’s art isn’t christian, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. If you listen to the songs, One Of The Boys, I’m Still Breathing, and Lost, you’ll find that she’s trying to relate to people who don’t nessesarily think that God is the answer to everything

    1. Understand something Nichole. This is a Christian blog and as a Christian I do believe that a song about a woman kissing a woman is immoral. Have I placed some form of judgement on Perry for singing it? No, instead I posed the question as to how someone that apparently loved God could end up in a place where she felt comfortable singing such a song. I believe that there could have been some form of spiritual abuse that spawned her escape into the secular. This is the whole point of this blog, it is a presentation, dialog and record of spiritual abuse.
      For you to lash out at me for holding the belief that woman kissing woman is immoral, which is a belief based on the Word of God is much worse than anything I said about Perry. Also understand that I understand the world of the secular because I was in a band and have been a musician for most of my life. The band I played in was called Purity Prostitute and our lead singer was a lesbian. I remain friends with her to this day. Don’t think that this post was written because I am naive.
      Take this post within the context that it was written. I don’t hate Perry for what she sings, but I am interested in why she sings it.
      Hope this clears it up.

  4. Kissing people of the same gender is just something that the people of this generation do. Whether it’s just for attention, adolescent sexual exploration, or true homosexuality. Someone can love God and still be gay or lesbian. And just because she wrote a song about kissing a girl, doesn’t mean she actually did it. It’s called ‘concept’ or when an artist writes about what’s popular in order to make a name in the industry. It doesn’t mean there’s any religious abuse going on. It just means that she is smart and successful for breaking the boundaries and going where few artists dare to venture, partially because of people who freak out about it and scream, “OMG! She kissed a girl! She’s the devil!” and yes, I have heard people say that with my very own ears.

    1. ‘It just means that she is smart and successful for breaking the boundaries and going where few artists dare to venture…’

      Yes, because there are very few popular artists who don’t sing about sex and love and promiscuity…

  5. The question ‘why’ should actually ‘when”. For you see, many fall, stumble, trip along the way, as did the Prodigal Son. The proof in the parents guidance is if she returns to her faith ( if indeed she has actually left it, I am only going on assumption as I do not know her personally). Imagine what her parents feel, you cannot simply think ‘ spiritual abuse”, do you know the family personally?

    Ask for prayer, always. Pray for her and pray for her family, mostly pray for discernment and wisdom. Remeber that Revelations speaks of a ‘great apostasy’, many will fall away from the faith, pray that this does not happen to her.

    I pray that you find peace and wisdom.

  6. I can only imagine that Katy, assuming she no longer believes, has done so for the reasons which many
    “fall away” : spiritual abuse is possible yes, but also frustration, disinterest, critical disbelief, etc. Matt, you said you’ve known a lesbian and are still friends with her. I assume she knows how you feel about her
    “lifestyle.” Why is it ok to kiss a girl for us, but not her? It’s obvious homosexuality is natural in my view, being found in nature broadly. If you feel God made all that exists in nature, so this would hold for homosexuals. Now granted I’m sure you feel “love the sinner, hate the sin” and may be of the opinion that physical needs should be tempered generally, which I respect, hetero-or homo sexual regardless. Still, it fails simply on logic that homesexuals, with the amount of persecution they encounter, would persist for such a “choice” if that were what it is. A few would, but this many? I say no.

  7. Just because not everyone worships some guy who you do, doesn’t mean that they’re “immoral” and “bad people”.. Don’t you think that’s a little judgemental and biased?

    I still care about other people and wouldn’t hurt anyone, just because I’m not christian, and I’ve kissed a girl.

  8. People keep saying “used to be a Christian” like they know for sure they renounced her religion. Get a life. Lyrics for both songs Above are horrible though, she had no talent before and after

  9. Why would you, an atheist, come on to a Christian site? To make fun of people for believing in something beyond us? You’re the joke. Making fun of people for their beliefs is like making fun of people because of their skin color or sexual orientation. Don’t hate someone for who they are.

  10. I may be a christian but at lest I know correct grammar, It’s “You’re nothing special.” Not “Your nothing special”. So before you judge everyones beliefs then why don’t you learn simple gramatical rules.

  11. she still seems to be somewhat religious. I remember hearing her say she wont do certain things because they are against her beliefs and she mentions God on her twitter account from time to time.

  12. The key to a successful comment – making sense.

    You’ve had a bad experience with religion and probably Christianity in specific, I get it – hence the fanatical certainty you attack Forced to Hide with.

    ‘…the God you serve is a joke.’ I wouldn’t be so quick to make such absolute statements.

    ‘There is no wonder workin power.’ This doesn’t make any sense.

    Lastly, learning the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ would help people not to immediately dismiss you as an illiterate child raging against religion because your parents grounded you and now you’re trying to ‘find yourself’.

  13. Do you think you could maybe start believing in a high power without resorting to close-minded homophobia?

    If you honestly think homosexuality is wrong, but wear clothes made of fibre blends, and don’t put children who curse their parents to death, I judge you.

  14. Dear Confused,

    Did you bother to consider that Katy may still BE a Christian?

    I know several Christians (and a pastor) that have no issue with homosexuality or secular music. Now, I’m not going to spell out all the reasons as to WHY it is incorrect to assume that God is against homosexuality (although I will mention the Old Testament verses are negated and the New Testament verse is more likely than not a mistranslation), I AM going to ask that you open your mind a little.

    See, it may not be a case of Katy ‘falling away’ from God at all, but rather a case of her interpreting Christianity in a different manner than you. Now, Confused, you’ve presented yourself as an ‘open-minded’ and ‘tolerant’ Christian in your responses, so I hope that you can also open your mind to this. No matter if you are right (or if they are right), is it not possible that both groups love and honor God?

    Furthermore, it’s rather ignorant (excuse me for using this word, but I cannot think of a decent replacement) to assume that Katy suffered ‘spiritual abuse’. If she is indeed NOT a Christian, it could be for several OTHER reasons. I know many who were raised in a Christian tradition, and who were INDEED passionate followers in their childhood, but have changed their minds in their adult life. These minds were not changed because of spiritual abuse, but because of other reasons. It is quite silly to pretend like there is NO other reason that one may turn away from a life of faith. For example, one may simply examine the faith and decide that it is simply NOT for them. One may stumble onto another faith that fits them better. One may find that they disagree with Christianity’s principles and therefore abandon the religion. Many previous Christians have changed their mind for reasons ALL of their own. To speak as if someone needs to be spiritually ABUSED to change their mind is simply rude. And yes, you may respond that you were ‘simply pondering’ reasons, but I will not and cannot believe it–your tone simply states otherwise.

    I would also like to note that it is not your (or my) place to question or even wonder about Katy’s spirituality. The type of speculation you have expressed in this blog is a form of judging. Remember, it is God’s place to judge! It is one thing if the thought crosses your mind–after all, humans most naturally judge one another, it is unavoidable–but it is another to write about the issue (whether you are writing on a Christian site or not). It is simply NOT your business.

    Finally, I would like to note that I am NOT insulting you as a person, OR as a believer, but rather ‘calling you out’ on certain aspects of your post. I hope that you will put more thought into your writings as a future.

    I wish you blessings from both your God and my own,

    1. The post was never meant to be judgmental. People choose their way in life and I wish not to judge her on that. What I am interested in is why there was the sudden change. This blog is dedicated to exposing spiritual abuse, and I left the question open – could she have been exposed to this form of abuse?

      1. I am sorry for calling you confused rather than concerned. O__o I am not sure how I made such a mistake. I thought about just going with your name, but I did not.

        While I do believe that you did not mean to judge, this post is still quite judgmental. For example, you seem to be sure that Katy is not a Christian. You are judging her based on her support (if you can even call a fun song about kissing a girl support) of homosexuality. You are JUDGING that she cannot possibility be a Christian because of a song. Also, the inquiry into her faith itself is judgmental. Would you not think that I was judging if I was to ponder your faith, or lack thereof? What if I was to ask why Concerned was no longer a Christian on my own blog? What if I made this claim based off the fact that you are against homosexuality? That would be a bit judgmental, don’t you think? There are many other ways to use your time and your writing skills–ways that are not judgmental and that glorify God!

        I should, perhaps, have not commented again at all. It just makes me a bit sad, however, that an obviously caring and strong Christian would write a blog such as this. If you want to deal with the problem of spiritual abuse, you could do so in a more effective manner! I just don’t understand what would compel you to write such a blog, nor why you think writing such a think is perfectly acceptable.

        I will leave the issue alone after this, but please, I beg you, consider what I have said. This torn-up world needs a lot less judgment and a lot more love.

  15. I think a lot of you are missing the point – no Christian would perpetrate this kind of junk, especially with such a broad influence. Katy is played on the radio every day – songs about teenage sex, bisexuality, sexual impurity, drunkenness…..you guys really need to break out your bibles and READ. God does not tolerate this type of behavior and still allow you into heaven. I’m 28 and have definitely sinned in my past – but the truth of it is, if you want to join Jesus in heaven, you have to get your life right. Be a good influence unto others. Not lead others into temptation. Repent of your sins and strive to be CHRIST LIKE every day and in everything you do. Would Christ sing a song about kissing guys? Um no. I don’t care if she goes to church every Sunday – she won’t get into Heaven singing songs like that. Period. Is it possible she was abused? Absolutely. Is it possible she wasn’t? Absolutely. This blog didn’t sound judgemental to me personally….but what is very disturbing to me are the responses supporting Katy’s music. Listen to what you want – I’ll still love you. I’ll pray for you. But let’s not rationalize her behavior or defend it. Better to pray for her, others, and be a good example.

    1. Tara, it’s not for you to say who God will allow into Heaven or not. God has the last and only say in that. God still believes in Katy even if she doesnt believe in Him, which has never actually been established.
      Also if you want to join Jesus in Heaven, you’ve got to try to live your life like Jesus would, which is not “right” according to society a lot of the time. In Jesus’ time, his life was not considered “right” by priests and teachers of the law. It’s what got Him killed, remember?
      Dont say you’re disturbed by people supporting Katy Perry, it makes you seem judgmental and unable to expand your thinking. Teenagers these days are forever sick of people judging them, especially people who don’t know anything about them.
      There will always be artists like Katy Perry, there will always be people who live a Christian faith and then fall away from it. But remember that its a person’s choice what they listen to. There’s plenty of Christian music which is good as well. But the world we live in is always bombarding us with immoral messages, you arent going to escape them by not listening to immoral music. I understand that it is a compounding thing, but it’s the world, and we have to deal with it.

      1. Dear Michelle Thorp,
        I know that people of this world consider this song RIGHT, but this is this world. We are not yet in Heaven, if we will be, and therefore cannot use a worldly opinion to justify something worldy. I am only 12 years old and kids constantly criticize me about my religion and why they don’t want to do it because it is too hard. Well, that is the thing about Christianity. You are not just going to walk out of here and say “that was sooo fun and easy, let’s do it again.” No way! Being a Christian means our path is a narrow one to follow and to say that this is ‘right’ is completely immoral. To say God would encourage this, or even let go into Heaven after singing these types of songs (more like chants), is blasphomy and God will not tolerate it on judgement day!!! I f you want to listen or encourage this crap, you have stepped the boundary and have given Satan what he wants. I will pray for you. Look up in the bible what it says about Sodom and how “women began to leave their husbands and seek their own flesh”, just like Katy Perry.

        I pray that we meet one day,
        Kristina de la Vega/ la rosa
        P.S. Don’t give him what he wants. Follow what our bibles say and show it to others. There is no excuse for her immoral behavior, don’t waste your time on a worldly figure. I love your spirit.

  16. I am simply disturbed by the christian lyrics.
    “You could throw me in the prison cell
    Shackle me up against the rail
    But time and time again
    My faith won’t fail”?
    It sounds like a girl who is accepting abusement, because it’s ‘God’

    I think that ‘I kissed a girl’ is simply a way of katy exploring her sexuality, which isn’t a bad thing.

    Technically I’m Christian, but I do not agree with everything the Church teaches, lack of gay rights being one.

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