Heresy explained

HeresyHeresy is often misunderstood as being absolute disobedience to God, but it is my opinion often something more subtle than that. I will start this essay off by giving you a real-world example. You see to understand the most dangerous forms of heresy one has only to see that if a thing is not of God it then falls into the category of Doctrines of Demons.

The example that I would like to give you is that of baking a cake. There are a few recipes that go into a cake. I am sure that Getting There would give me some great examples seeing that she recently proved her culinary skills in the kitchen with a wonderful batch of cookie. For the purpose of this essay I will grab the first one that I can find off the net

1 (18.25 ounce) packagefood cake mix
1 (5.9 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix
1 cup sour cream
1 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs
1/2 cup warm water
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

Sounds like a strange cake, but I won’t be a critic. This cake is called Too Much Chocolate. It apparently won the author some prize. Go see it here

Let me play the part of the food heretic. Lets say the I remove the sour cream because that just sounds awful to me and I am sure that something like sour cream does not belong in a chocolate cake.

If I was to bake a cake with this altered recipe would this still be the same cake that the wonderful woman won the prize for? No it would not. This, in theological terms, is the more extreme form of heresy that is practiced by the likes of the Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Christian Scientists and so on. They make it a habit of totally remove core doctrine from the bible such as the divinity of Christ and the blessed hope of all Christians, Heaven.

OK, now lets try something else, lets say that I like sour cream mixed with my sweet choc cake but I have a dislike for vegetable oil, but know that as a good baker I could not totally remove that ingredient because the cake might get too dry (guessing, have no idea). So I decide to place 1 ½ cups of this wonderful half rotten cow byproduct called sour cream and decrease the amount of vegetable oil in the recipe by half to ½ cup. I also decide to remove one egg and add 2½ cup of semisweet choc chips. So I have all the core ingrediants, but the cake I bake will probably not win a prize because it is not the same cake this lovely woman slaved so hard to create. This is the more subtle form of heresy. This is practiced largely in the Charismatic church, the emergent church and of course NCMI. This is why it is so hard to point out the error that is evident in these churches. They take one piece of doctrine, for instance tongues, and elevate it so high that it is hardly recognizable as what is really presented in the scriptures. They are messing with Gods recipe for man.

People have to change their approach to how they combat these churches. They cannot go in all guns blazing, expecting to find them sacrifices bunny rabbits on the alter, because the fact of the matter is; they won’t, or even be able to find anything that can totally be pinpointed to as outright heresy. They will answer to the same creeds as you, so they will worship, in theory, the same God as you, and every argument or debate that you enter into with them will come up naught. You have to point out to these people the mis-balance that exists, for that is the key to success in these cases. You need to point out to them that like them you are rescued by Christs blood, and that something like tongues not occurring in your life is no reason for them to deny you Christianity, but false tongues on the other hand is a very serious thing indeed, and I believe that we are to watch them, because if they are not from God then where are they from?

I hope this essay puts some things into perspective better enabling you to understand and indeed combat heresy effectively within the body of Christ.


  1. Heresy:
    # unorthodoxy: any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position
    # a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion

    Heresy has nothing to do with disobedience to God.

    But “Church” has nothing to do with the Body of Christ, although members of the Body may be adherents to the “Church” system. So “Church” at best is a heresy in any form it takes and at worst it is absolute disobedience to God.

  2. Wow, that made no sense to me at all, how is a gathering of believers heresy, did the early church not gather? What was at Corinth? Please explain

  3. Look up the definitions (13+) of church. Read Acts, see that the word the Holy Spirit used in greek was/is ekklesia. Try and equate them!

    Jesus Christ is the head of His body – together we constitute the ekklesia.

    Church is a word that did not exist before about 1300a.d. It was used to describe the thing that had become to be known as the Roman Catholic Church and was mandated by King James as part of his rules to his translation team because he hated Tyndales true translation (non ecclesiastical and non authoritarian).

    As long as true believers use the word church to describe the ekklesia they will remain confused and in captivity to the system of religion widely known as christian but which is to all intents and purposes anti-christ in it’s nature. Please note I am not condeming the believer but the system.

    Church is in direct opposition to Jesus’ words in Matthew 23 and does not gel with the descriptions that He gives us for kingdom life.

    There is no heresy in the ekklesia since we are motivated by one Spirit and one head – the indwelling Spirit of God, Christ Jesus. Heresies are merely the opinions of men that disagree with others (the majority?). Every church denomination/non denomination is thus the result of heresy from at least the viewpoint of one other church.

    A gathering of believers is simply that – a gathering of believers. At Corinth it seems that the gathering was to share a joyful meal (feast?) not sit in a performance and maybe partake of a ritual known as “communion” which most often comprises of a sip and a chip, accompanied by long and serious faces. In Corinth we have an example of people not being obedient to the head but doing their own thing so can hardly be used as an example of what believers should be doing. But it is a rather good example of church – “This is what I mean: Each of you is saying, “I belong to Paul,” or “I belong to Apollos,” or “I belong to Cephas,” or “I belong to Christ.” “(1Co 1:12).

    What are the grounds of our gathering? If it is not Christ and Him crucified and that alone then we are not gathering as His body. Show me a church which does not gather for some other reason. They may claim to gather for that reason but then why do they not join with the church down the road? Because they gather for reasons of doctrine, tradition, personality etc. and then they tack Jesus on to validate what particular heresies they consider non-heresy!

    If you really want to discover the church in scripture then research what the synagogue and it’s judaic priests did to the mosaic law. Jesus calls them synagogues of satan and the priests as having satan as their father!

    I hope I have given you some info that will dis-illusion or dis-abuse you of the grand deception that church is.

  4. I live in Cyprus… its a Greek speaking island. I love asking native Greek speakers about ekklesia… has anyone else tried it? First answer they give is ‘church’ so I say ‘No, Greek words come from root words… what is the root of ekklesia’ So then they say ‘klesia is a ticket… if we get a parking ticket, that is called a klesia… so ekklesia makes it a ticket out’.

    Interesting. Were the early followers of the Messiah outsiders? Where they people with a ticket out?

    I often think heresy is a little like the word terrorism… terrorism is what other people do to us, not what we do to them… and heresy is what other people believe not what we believe!

    Yes, the example of the cake is interesting, but assumes at all people like the same cake. What if there is a group of people that like variances of the cake? What if they feel the original is too rich? The basic cake is still the same – that we agree – but the flavour different.

    From my point of view the analogy is very good, till it gets to ‘subtle’ forms of heresy. Then I think you are missing the point. It seems to me that many ‘churches’ [NMCI may be one] are heretical or unbalanced. Some dangerously unbalanced. Eat too much rich cake and you will be sick as a dog! In small quantities it might taste good. Eat only rich cake and you will die!

    There is a difference between charismatics and charismaniacs. There is a difference between control freaks in charge of churches and doing things with decency and order. Its all about balance.

    1. Interesting point of view. I disagree though that the recipe should ever be different because the Lord has given us the recipe, The Scriptures.

  5. Just out of interest, why did you include the emerging church in with charismatics [where I would use charismaniacs] and NMCI?

  6. Hmmm… do the Scriptures read like a recipe? Not to me. They read like an account of a relationship between our Father and His children. Like all relationships the personality of the participants remains the same but the relationship evolves over time, with some major stepping stones en route.

    One of the errors, I believe, of some churches is to treat the Scriptures as a recipe book or instruction manual. There is ambiguity in the Scriptures. There is changed understanding of God – if that were not so we would still have slavery practiced in our countries.

    The important thing to always remember is this – God loves us and He’s alive. That means He communicates. Sometimes reading the Scriptures they will come alive as the Holy Spirit inspires us. But its not the Scriptures that has the power, but the Holy Spirit within us. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will inspire us through nature. Sometimes He will speak through others. Sometimes he will speak directly to our heart. Sometimes prophecy.

    But the important thing is – He is the same person we read about in Scripture, so when we see some weird practice going on [like waving an imaginary golden sword around the place and fighting with it] we can see that it doesn’t match with the Spirit we read about in Scripture and know it is not Him.

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