Making the right choice

I would like to take some time to address an issue that is the most important issue of all. That is the issue of Jesus Christ, who He was and why he came. I am sure that most know who Jesus Christ was, I am also sure that most of you know what He did.

I am not going to go into scriptures and get all theological with this post. All I wish to do is show you the Christ I know and why Christianity differs so much from any other religious system out there.
Through out the scriptures of the Old Testament the Jews knew that something was going to happen. They knew that the Messiah was coming and that he would be hung on a tree. The very system of sacrifice in the Temple was an illustration of Christ’s sacrifice that he would one day give. In the New Testament we are presented with the coming of the Messiah. We are presented with his birth to the Virgin Mary, part of his childhood, His ministry, His crucifixion and his resurrection. We are told that this was done because God so loved the world the he gave us His only Begotten Son. The account of Jesus is known as the Good News or Gospel.

Christ suffered an unimaginable death but not in vain, because His death heralded in a new covenant between God and man. No longer was God separated from use but dwelled in us and amongst us as illustrated by the ripping of the Temple veil, which separated the outside world from the Holy of Holies, Where God dwelt in the Temple. With Christ’s Crucifixion came a time where all Christians adopted a Priesthood and have commune with God through Jesus Christ His son who acts as High Priest and Mediator for us.
Christ crucifixion also heralded an era where Christians no longer live under the law, which was the only way before Christ to measure righteousness. With the shedding of Christ’s blood we are all made clean, holy and righteous and are showered with the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes indeed this is Good News.

To accept such a thing all we need do is ask. Repent and let Jesus Christ become the master of our lives and be lead by the indwelling Spirit.
Christianity is the only religion where we are no longer required to do any good works in order to receive salvation, although with a Saviour as wondrous as our who would not want to work diligently to spread his message to the corners of the earth? Every sin we commit is not held against us, for we have been made clean by the most powerful cleaning agent available, Christ’s Blood, shed on Calvary for no other thing than to offer salvation to humankind. A Christian’s promise is life eternal life lived out in the presence of the Most High in Paradise.
All you need do to accept this great gift is ask, repent and receive. I prayer so simple that many feel it is not enough, but it is. Simply Pray:

Lord Jesus, I accept you and acknowledge that I am a sinful man/woman. My sins are too numerous to be counted, but I trust in your blood to wash them away, making me into a new creation. Lord come into my life, guide me and keep me. Hold me to the truth and always guide my heart to seek you. Forgive me my sins and hold them not against me, for I a truly repentant. Thank you Lord for you sacrifice and never let me forget what you have done for me. Amen.

Pray it, mean it and be saved by the shedding of the Lords blood, it is that simple.

God Bless

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