Dying for Zuma

The Natal Witness – 25th August 2008

CONGREGANTS of Pietermaritzburg’s NCF church and family of ANC president Jacob Zuma packed the church yesterday to listen to a “Willing to die for Zuma” sermon.
Zuma was due to attend the sermon, but cancelled because of other commitments.
The sermon focused on the “willingness of Jesus Christ to die for everyone”.
Pastor Grant Crawford told the congregants: “Although the church does not have any political affiliations and neither does it make political statements, we were intrigued by the interest of the ANC in the matter, as it is rare that anybody would be prepared to die for a righteous man.”
ANC Youth League president Julius Malema recently stated that the youth are prepared to die and kill for Zuma.


  1. Getting There, just wanted to clarify, the church is not in support of dying for Jacob Zuma…the sermon was that Jesus died for everybody, including Zuma. They just got the idea for the sermon title from the Youth League saying they were willing to die for him.

  2. Did the newspaper report this wrong? If it did what course of action did the church make?
    I am sure that the church did a lovely sermon, but the very fact that NCF hosted (or wanted to) this man is wrong. This is the very man whose follows liken him to Jesus. What was NCF trying to achieve?

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